BHM Capital Financial Services posts 125% growth in net profits for 2021

BHM Capital records stronger earnings momentum in 2021 to bolster its position as a leader in the financial services industry. BHM posted net profits of near AED13 million versus AED5.77 million in 2020, a growth of 125%, capitalized on core business activities. Year 2021 was another solid proof for BHM’s capabilities to diversify sources of income by offering a wider array of professional services to its client base.

Commission and advisory income rose from AED23.8 million to AED41.15 million, while other related services, including margin trading and finance contributed near AED24.2 million. Total income has therefore grown 60% to reach AED65.4 million in comparison with AED41 million recorded during 2020.

Tailoring a strong emphasis on quality and fully integrated services was key to enhancing BHM Capital’s market share, which resulted in opening more than 1,500 new client accounts, up 41.5% compared to the year before, where 1,060 new clients’ accounts were registered.

With respect to 2021 financial position, total assets grew by 22.4% to reach AED584 million in contrast with AED477.2 million as of end 2020. Furthermore, total shareholders’ equity saw a remarkable rise to mark AED190.2 million versus AED178 million by end of 2020. 

“Following numerous challenges in 2020, we turned those challenges into opportunities and saw our efforts paying off in 2021, believing that yet the best to come. We took all necessary measures to meet our clients’ needs, while maximizing shareholders’ equity. It is my pleasure to announce net profit of AED13 million for 2021, marking an annual growth rate of 125%, said Mr. Abdel Hadi Al Sa’di, Chief Executive Officer of BHM Capital Financial Services.

“We continue to place integrity, professional conduct, and highest ethical standards on top of our priorities. We are also fully committed to maximizing the return on our shareholders’ equity.” Al Sa’di added.

“We at BHM Capital Financial Services would also like to extend our appreciation to all who supported us reach these milestones and put their trust in us as a leading financial institution in the region. These results are a solid reflection of our proactive business approach, strong reputation and top quality of the products and services we offer to our clients” Al Sa’di concluded.

Since its formation in 2006, BHM Capital Financial Services offers clients entry to capital markets in UAE, KSA, USA, UK, Europe, and other regional and international markets whilst being ranked at the top in the country’s financial markets. The services offered by BHM Capital Financial Services range from financial services to investment instruments including prime brokerage, investment management, liquidity providing, market making, corporate advisory, and research.