Blueprints in real size: Lifesize Plans launches Middle East franchise in Dubai

Australian-based, Lifesize Plans opened its latest franchise location in Dubai bringing its first-of-its-kind concept to the UAE and the wider Middle East.  Owning the world’s first patented, real-scale walkthrough technology, Lifesize Plans facilitates the visualization of construction projects in real time rather than imagining it from a blueprint. 

As off-plan commercial and residential projects continue to launch expeditiously across the UAE and the wider region, Lifesize Plans offers a market solution that aims to mitigate risk for buyers and facilitates a core client-centered service for developers and sellers.

With its state-of-the-art integrated projection technology, Lifesize Plans enlarges floorplans for residential, commercial, and industrial properties at a real-life 1:1 scale and projects onto the floor at their spacious collaborative space in the Al Quoz, Dubai’s leading creative neighborhood.

Prospective homeowners, design professionals, architects, property developers, and other key stakeholders can then see their complete project including upper and lower floors, landscaped areas, common areas, and more before investing in construction. Whether it is moving from one room to another or passing through a hallway, clients can get a clear idea of their dream space and make real time changes from their laptop. Additionally, there is a large white screen on the wall for further visualization.

The Dubai franchise was secured and developed by three partners, CEO Georges Calas who will oversee operations, alongside key investors Emirati National, Omar AlShamsi and Saudi National Sultan Al Hejailan to provide key market insight across core geographies. With an imminent focus on the UAE, Lifesize Plans aims to expand across KSA and the wider region as real estate demand accelerates.

Georges Calas, CEO of Lifesize Plans Dubai comments, ‘Opening the Dubai franchise is a strategic operational milestone for Lifesize as we aspire to become an integral component of the global real-estate sector’s design and pre-construction phases. The Middle East and the UAE, in particular, continue to offer attractive real-estate investment options considered across the globe, many currently being off-plan aligned with the region’s forward growth trajectory.  Our aim is to provide a collaborative and safe space to connect our customers to their projects facilitating efficient planning and security in real-estate investments.’

Alongside the projections, Lifesize Plans provides faux movable furniture, props, measuring tapes as well as partition walls to help clients get a true feel of the layout and engage with the space in order to perfect their dream vision and design.

Lifesize Plans aims to build clients’ confidence and trust during the early stages of construction by helping them visualize their project in a real and life-size scale before financially investing in any construction costs.  According to statistics, Dubai’s real estate market witnessed a 38% growth in off-plan transactions during the first half of 2023, making Lifesize Plans a beneficial industry tool for those looking to purchase and transform off-plan properties in the region. 1

Although digital technology has quickly advanced over the years, neither the best CGI render nor the most immersive VR experience can replicate the feel of being in an enhanced physical space. With Lifesize Plans, walking through a floorplan at a one-to-one scale brings the client one step closer to their dream project.