Booth Club ME launches in the UAE, bringing globally renowned Megabooth’s iconic photo experiences

The spotlight is now on the UAE as Booth Club ME, the much-anticipated regional extension of the iconic European photobooth innovator Megabooth, announces its grand launch in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Founded by Lee Hoppen, the visionary mind behind Megabooth, Booth Club ME aims to revolutionise events across the region with its unparalleled and quirky photo experiences. Born in England by a ragtag group of creative minds, Megabooth is already well known for its innovative take on events and now Booth Club ME will be replicating this ingenuity in the UAE.  

Megabooth has carved its name in the industry, working seamlessly with acclaimed brands such as Disney, Netflix, adidas, Lamborghini, Spotify, Dior, YouTube, and more across Europe. It has also partnered with a series of renowned events such as the BAFTAs and BRITs and the company’s booths have hosted celebrities like King Charles, Gordon Ramsey, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, and Jonathan Ross. The success story of Megabooth is one fuelled by a relentless pursuit of innovation and creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences. 

Now setting its sights firmly on the UAE market, Booth Club ME is here with a range of three distinctive product lines, each designed to elevate events to unforgettable levels. Each experience is unique, but still boasts the same quality and thrills that people have grown to love. Featuring different options to suit a variety of occasions, everyone will be sure to find the booth that perfectly suit their needs.   

First up is the Classic Booth, which has been crafted for semi-permanent installations, retail campaigns, and experiential tours. Boasting a sleek wooden structure and a clean interior that evokes intimacy and nostalgia, and featuring the latest iPad functionality for sharp and clear photos plus a touchscreen display for previews, editing, and enhancements, this booth leaves no stone unturned for creating unrivalled memories.  

Next in line is the Digital Booth, designed to transform simple movements into hilarious sequences of photos processed in lightning-fast time. Offering the option to share sequences as short movies in various formats, including the popular Boomerang feature, with data capture and a real-time digital gallery, this is the booth for those seeking to up their photo capturing game.  

Finally, the Photo Pod is ideal for private events, product launches, office parties, award ceremonies, and weddings. Quick to set up with photo, gif, and video capabilities, studio-quality lighting, and instant printing and email sharing, this is your ticket to a truly unforgettable occasion.   

To add to the incredible line-up available, Booth Club ME proudly introduces AI-enhanced photobooths, pioneering real-time photo and video enhancement and editing—a first in the region. These photobooths harness the most recent innovations in AI technology to help users have a completely immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary.  

Lee Hoppen, Founder and CEO of Megabooth, expressed his excitement about Booth Club ME’s launch in the UAE, stating, “The UAE is among the most dynamic event markets globally, and we’re thrilled to bring Megabooth’s innovative experiences here. Our goal is to transform ordinary events into extraordinary memories, and we’re confident that Booth Club ME will set new standards in event entertainment and engagement.” 

Lee Hoppen’s journey as an entrepreneur and innovator began with a passion for events, leading him to create pioneering ventures that revolutionised event photography and experiences. From humble beginnings capturing moments in nightclubs to securing investments on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Lee’s vision has been to create immersive, unforgettable experiences. 

With its base in Dubai, Booth Club ME is set to disrupt the market by offering cutting-edge, bespoke photo experiences that elevate marketing activations, brands, and events. As Lee looks to the future, he envisions further expansion across the wider GCC region and beyond, making every event an unforgettable experience. 

Booth Club ME is ready to mesmerise the UAE with the magic of Megabooth. For businesses, brands, and event planners seeking to add a touch of innovation and creativity to their events, Booth Club ME invites you to be part of this extraordinary journey. For more information check out Booth Club ME on Instagram and for more information on Megabooth check out its Instagram @megabooth or website at