Broker Terminal achieves AED 3.89bln worth of listings

The Broker Terminal has achieved AED3.889 (US$1.06) billion worth of property listings since its launch on 13 April 2022, highlighting the market demand for such property-tech services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform, with interfaces both in the form of an app and a website, is the first of its kind. With the Dubai property market being usually competitive, the platform seeks to create more transparency and in turn generate more sales for Dubai real estate brokers.

“The Broker Terminal has facilitated multiple transactions of mine valued at AED15(US$5) million in Emaar,” said Adam Eden, a broker from White & Co Real Estate.

Well-Regarded and adopted by Dubai-based property agents

The Broker Terminal is a pioneer in the Dubai property market, being the first platform to facilitate deals between the real estate brokers and agents in Dubai. With 884 members on the platform and total sales values of available properties currently totaled at AED3.889 (US$1.06) billion against buying interest valued at AED609(USD$203) million, the platform has clearly been trusted and well-regarded by the property market. With at least four brokers concluding deals at values of more than AED55(USD$14.5) million, it is evident that Broker Terminal has been well adopted by the property market since its inception. Via the platform, one broker achieved sales of properties in Dubai Hills that were valued at more than AED20(US$5.45) million.

All brokers who sign up for the platform must be licensed and verified prior. They also must adhere to a strict code of ethics – with there being zero tolerance for brokers who flout the rules.

Brokers basically input their listings directly and are also able to represent their buyers by indicating their buying interest for a particular property in their preferred location. The platform also provides transaction data for the properties available, allowing brokers to advise their clients with the highest accuracy and insight possible

“With the Broker Terminal also looking to connect to more property buyers and market players internationally, this will give a boost to the dynamism of Dubai’s property market and have a long-term uplifting effect on the economy,” said Nadeem Tariq, Founder of Broker Terminal.

As part of Broker Terminal’s further steps to revolutionize the property-tech landscape, it is possible for property transactions to be concluded via cryptocurrency as well. The company also launched its vision for 2030, declaring its goals to connect brokers from 100 countries so that they can interact with the local brokers here to get access to the properties for sale in Dubai.

“Without Broker Terminal, it will certainly be difficult for international property brokers to gain access with local brokers in Dubai to buy/sell,” remarked Ahmad Ayaz Sadiq, Managing Director.

Founded in 2021, the Broker Terminal is the leading platform for property brokers in Dubai. Broker Terminal seeks to evolve the real estate brokerage industry and emphasize the advantages of the personalization that property brokers bring to their clients.