Buy cruelty-free precious jewelry with crypto using the IN4X Global Payment Gateway

IN4X Global has partnered with KISEL Diamonds – a Dubai-based jeweler that focuses on being a conscious business. They will start accepting crypto payments for their jewelry through our crypto payment solution.

All the material used for making their jewelry is obtained through humane and cruelty-free sources. KISEL Diamonds focuses on sustainability in the jewelry sector. They wish to encourage consumers to make conscious and sustainable choices and only buy from ethical businesses.

“Crypto and blockchain technology are now everywhere in our lives and have become an inevitable part of it. Even the way people flaunt is now centered around blockchains. Wherever you go, you cannot escape the power of blockchain,” said Yulia Kisel, Founder and Owner of KISEL Diamonds.
She added, “As a business owner, I wish to enable my customers to have more options for payment. I understand people prefer convenience everywhere in life, and this applies to payments as well. Crypto offers security and anonymity while being decentralized. I believe that it is better to use an online system rather than go through the entire process that takes place for centralized bank transactions. Hence, I decided to accept crypto payments through IN4X Global’s payment gateway.”

The crypto solution by IN4X Global serves as a quick and easy platform to accept crypto payments from your customers. The solution is for both online and offline businesses. For online businesses, they can integrate their system with a plug-in that supports crypto payments. And offline businesses can receive real-time payments with an invoice. The platform offers a customized dashboard to our clients. This helps to track orders and payments in real-time.

The IN4X Global Payment Gateway provides an efficient system to enable businesses to accept crypto payments and facilitate a seamless checkout.