Canadian University Dubai aligns public health programs with UAE 2031 vision

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has set out to nurture the next generation of environment and health management changemakers, with a revamped curriculum that aims to support the Government’s ‘We the UAE 2031’ vision. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health program has been built to align with the nation’s goals for the coming decade, with two concentrations in the disciplines of Health Administration and Environmental Health Management.

CUD’s BSc in Public Health has received re-accreditation by the Ministry of Education in the UAE, based upon two newly introduced concentrations, specifically supporting the ‘We the UAE 2031’ goals around accelerating growth in the healthcare and sustainability industries.  The vision aims to position the UAE among the top 10 countries in the world for healthcare services, and one of the global forces in the environmental agenda. As public health and the environment are pivotal to the sustainability of humanity, graduates of the newly specialized programs have the potential to play a leading role in the future of society, both locally and internationally.

Speaking about the curriculum alignment, Dr. Aseel Takshe, Head of the Department of Public Health at CUD said, “With the UAE Year of Sustainability, the hosting of COP 28 and the nation’s ambitions surrounding medical tourism, the program is fully aligned with the current and future market demand. It is designed to attract ambitious students who aspire to be tomorrow’s public health leaders and a driving force for change. Our aim is to lead the discourse and to nurture the dedicated professionals who will work at the forefront of the public health field in local and global communities.”

Dr. Takshe continued, “We take an applied approach to training students for professional practice in public health management, with several lab-based components that offer hands-on experience of real-world projects, as well as industry-based site visits that provide first-hand knowledge of the working environment. Students can also earn KHDA-accredited certifications on health and environment-related disciplines within the course, to build their professional credentials.”

The first episode of CUD’s new podcast series, ‘Coffee with the Profs,’ focused on the BSc program and the future of public health, both at a national and global level. This podcast series explores the different academic subjects and examines their societal impact.  Hosted by Dr. Takshe, the discussion welcomed CUD public health graduates, Maha Talli and Inkara Nazarbekova, who reflected on their education and professional experiences since graduation.

Speaking about her motivation to study the program, Maha said, “Many of the public health issues we face, such as heat illnesses, malnutrition, and communicable diseases occur because of what is happening to the environment; the two subjects are entirely interrelated. We need to improve our focus on public health, understand what is causing these issues and to work towards early detection and prevention, rather than solving problems as they arise. This is why it is important for me and our communities to be a part of contributing to this change.”

Concluding the discussion, Dr.  Takshe said, “The issues around health and the environment have always existed, but we do not know when we will reach the tipping point from which we cannot recover. We need to elevate our actions now so that we can be proactive, not reactive, to the challenges that lie ahead. This program is important to the future of this region and society as a whole, to create the changemakers that will make the difference that impacts all of our lives.”


About Canadian University Dubai

Canadian University Dubai (CUD), established in 2006, is a higher academic institution located in City Walk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The University is the #1 ranking University in Dubai and among the leading 2% of universities worldwide, according to the QS World University Rankings 2023.  CUD is a diverse and dynamic institution, with over 120 student nationalities. The university provides a range of academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels with a reputation for academic excellence. With 18 accredited degree programs and over 30 concentrations, Canadian University Dubai offers a diverse range of programs across four academic faculties, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The curriculum is Canadian-inspired and serves as a gateway for students to pursue higher education, research, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities in Canada.