Careem releases an Economic Impact Report in partnership with Oxford Economics

Careem, the first Super App of the Middle East, partnered with Oxford Economics to release “The Socio-Economic Impact of Careem”, an independent report including data from 2015-2019 from across the UAE, greater Middle East, and Pakistan.  The report is a detailed account of how Careem has contributed to opportunities for income-generating activities, providing reliable services that simplify lives, safer mobility, and the socio and economic impact on Captains, Customers, Colleagues, and the local community.

According to the report, the UAE has seen over 23 million Careem rides taken until 2019, and Careem has confirmed this number now reaches new heights, with a total of 4.1 million rides in 2020 and 4.3 million rides from January to October 2021 alone, a total of 8.4 million Careem rides since this research was completed. The report delves into the user profile of Careem’s Customer database, 55% of which are male and 45% are female, primarily aged between 18 and 29 years old. 46% of these Customers reported that they used Careem primarily for leisure trips, and 52%, the majority, used the app’s ride-hailing service to commute to work. Of those surveyed, 37% of female Customers and 21% of male Customers noted that they used Careem because it feels safe, which is a  testament to the company’s efforts in road safety across the region.

The report also includes data-rich information based on a sample survey of Careem Captains, their livelihood, demographics, reasoning, behaviours and backgrounds. Most notably, 55% of Captains surveyed stated that their quality of life had improved as a result of joining Careem, due largely to the flexibility to set their hours, with four in ten Captains reporting using Careem’s work flexibility to spend more time with their family. Throughout the pandemic, many Captains moved back to their home countries, and now, as the city gains momentum, Careem is working hard to increase this number back to pre-pandemic figures.

Earlier this year, Careem announced its “Officeday” pilot programme, asking Colleagues in the UAE to return to the office for one day each week. After its September 2020 announcement of shifting to a Remote-First company offering, Careem Colleagues in 36 offices had the freedom to work from a remote location.

Careem launched in 2012 as a web booking service for corporate cars. Today, Careem is a Super App with 11 services, including ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery, bike-sharing, and beyond, all on one single app, with 48 million registered Customers across the greater Middle East. For more information on Careem and its services, visit