A Day in The Life Of: Saahil Mehta

Tell Us About Your Background. Being born & raised in Belgium with Indian descent and educated in the British school with students over 100 nationalities, I have been blessed with an international outlook. This was further developed in my adult years as I lived in five countries across three continents with my current residence being […]

Break Through Imposter Syndrome & Step Into Your Power

A study ‘How imposter syndrome and fears hinder women entrepreneurs’ business growth, published by Business Horizons, in Volume 62, Issue 5, 2019 sheds significant insights in to why this might be more prevalent for women entrepreneurs. The authors Kimberly Eddleston, Jamie Ladge and Keimei Sugiyama state “One reason why it’s easy for women entrepreneurs to […]

Company Spotlight: Instaval

Instaval is a Digital Investment Readiness Platform made to promote equity investments in startups and scaleups. Instaval satisfies the needs of startup founders regardless of budget or deal stage. We asked founder Akram El Youssi to tell us more. Tell us more about what you do? At Instaval, we promote equity investments in start-ups and […]