Certis Launches New Immersive Virtual Platform for Business Leaders to Experience Critical Solutions to Tackle “New Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live, work, and play. One major impact of social distancing control measures that has affected both businesses and consumers alike is the restriction on meetings and travel. Be it for business or leisure purposes, there has been a global pivot towards virtual platforms to facilitate discussions and presentations that can no longer be conducted in person. While these platforms have bridged the distance to a certain extent, aspects of physical meetings such as site visits and product demonstrations are still challenging to conduct efficiently and effectively.

  1. To enable business leaders and executives to experience critical solutions for their organisations, Certis, Asia’s leading integrated security services provider, today announced the launch of its new interactive streaming and video conferencing platform, the Certis Experience. This new solution will provide both current and potential customers with an immersive 360-degree experience, taking them on an in-depth tour of Certis’ new and innovative solutions from anywhere in the world. With this new solution, businesses can keep up-to-date with the latest technological and security trends, and do so in a safer and smarter manner.
  2. Mr Fuji Foo, Chief Digital Officer, Certis said, “Amid current physical restrictions brought about by the pandemic, our customers will greatly benefit from the new world of business possibilities by the Certis Experience. It is a platform that will help customers to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to gain knowledge of Certis’ suite of smart solutions in action. This will boost understanding of the applications of our solutions in achieving business transformation for our customers. As with Certis’ other smart technological solutions, the Certis Experience is fully customisable to meet each organisation’s needs, which will help ensure this platform is effective in helping our customers achieve their business outcomes.”
  3. The Certis Experience will help businesses achieve the following outcomes:
    1. Deliver rewarding customer experiences virtually
      The innovative technology deployed allows businesses to conduct meetings from various sites in a single presentation, even allowing presenters who are physically in different locations to appear as if they are presenting from the same location. The Certis Experience brings engaging content to life with real-time demonstration of how they would be implemented within the customers’ environments.
    2. Grow competitive edge with digitalisation
      The exciting possibilities provided by the Certis Experience will make a difference for businesses in setting them apart from competitors. The cutting-edge technology of the Certis Experience has a myriad of possible applications, which enables businesses to offer their customers more options. For example, the Certis Experience can be used to involve key stakeholders around the world in activities such as organisational townhalls, office tours, and site reconnaissance, which are currently challenging to coordinate international stakeholder participation for even pre-pandemic.
    3. Innovative smart solutions to ensure business growth and continuity
      The Certis Experience joins Certis’ existing suite of technology-enhanced integrated solutions, which also includes Security+, Smart Networked Security, and our smart robots. Powered by artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, Certis believes in empowering our customers by providing them with tailored solutions that leverage the best available technologies. Certis’ technological expertise and emphasis on innovation is centred around helping our customers to achieve smart and sustainable growth in the face of new and unpredictable economic and business challenges.