Coded Academy strategically partners with Agility to launch “UniCODE” for undergraduate students

CODED Academy has launched the first edition of UniCODE, with strategic partnership with Agility, a leader in supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation. UniCode is a coding program that provides digital coding basics to undergraduate students,

Ahmad Marafi – CEO said: “We are proud to launch the first edition of UniCODE, a program designed specifically for undergraduate students. The program is part of a strategic partnership with Agility and will teach undergraduate students coding and software development. Having Agility as a Strategic Partner is synonymous with having pioneers in digital and technological transformation. We at CODED are honored, and would like to thank the Agility team contributing to this program which in the end will contribute to building a modern and prosperous society.”

Hashim Behbehani – COO said: “UniCODE has been organized with the support of the Computer Engineering Society (CPES) at Kuwait University. It will expose students to four distinct areas of knowledge including Android development, iOS development, website programming and design, and game development. Using the latest technologies and programming languages, students will benefit greatly from the intensive course in a short period of time. We created UniCODE specifically for undergraduate students from various backgrounds and academic majors with the goal of solidifying their understanding of coding and software development. In doing so, we are able to draw a clear line between academia and application. We at CODED are grateful to Agility for being a Strategic Partner in the first version of the UniCODE program. Their valuable support will ensure the continuous teaching and training of future leaders in technology and digital transformation. Finally, female and male students are welcome to participate and can apply for the UniCODE program by following  our social media accounts at @Joincoded.”

Henadi Al Saleh, Agility Chairperson said: “At Agility, we believe in the importance of digital transformation and in adopting new technologies across our businesses to enhance the way we operate and improve service delivery for our customers. CODED is helping shape the next generation of Kuwait by helping young people develop technological skills which will be needed for employment and Kuwait’s development. Agility has long supported educational initiatives in the communities where we operate; and digital transformation is an important part of Agility’s strategy. Our strategic partnership with CODED is a reflection of these priorities.  Agility has contributed to this program because it is in line with Kuwait’s development plan, as well as Agility’s interests in supporting education in geographies where we operate, especially our core Kuwait market. We are pleased to partner with CODED to contribute to building a generation educated in modern technology that will contribute to technology enabled development in Kuwait and the region.”

Our strategic partnership with CODED stems from our belief in the importance of education and supporting the learning and development of Kuwait’s youth through tech programs such as UniCODE.