CoffeeDesk aims to Inspire and empower Emirati Youth with innovative Ambassadorship Program

CoffeeDesk, the premier destination catering to coffee and tea aficionados across the GCC and Europe, proudly announces the launch of its dynamic ambassadorship initiative. This iconic program is designed to champion Emirati Youth and their remarkable talents within the thriving coffee industry.

As the country prepares for Emirati Women’s Day, CoffeeDesk sets its sights on a meaningful mission this year – to inspire and uplift young Emirati women, emboldening them to follow their passion and embrace new challenges. With this objective at its core, CoffeeDesk’s ambassadorship program aims to foster a fresh generation of aspiring coffee enthusiasts from the Emirates. The ambassadorship program connects skilled Emirati youth to international brands being sold at CoffeeDesk. AeroPress, the popular American coffee press, appointed Waqar Al Hammadi as their ambassador. She is a young coffee champion who holds the title of 2022 UAE AeroPress Champion and has achieved an impressive 4th rank in the World AeroPress Championship. Mohamed Alameeri is also an AeroPress ambassador alongside Al Hammadi. Fellow the renowned coffee products appointed Fatima Salim, an accomplished Emirati individual with a deep understanding of the local culture and preferences. She has got certifications in brewing, foundation stage Barista, roasting at intermediate level and is a certified Q grader. Moccamaster is represented by Ghaith Alhammadi, a seasoned Emirati professional who possesses an intricate understanding of the local culture, values, and preferences. Ghaith’s substantial experience coupled with his profound connection within the community positions him as an ideal ambassador for the Moccamaster brand.

“At CoffeeDesk, we believe in the power of nurturing our local talents and celebrating the diversity of skills within our community. Not just with art and culture and music, but even with emerging, newer hobbies and interests like coffee brewing which does seem to be very amusing to many.” said Saud Al Nuaimi, Founder of CoffeeDesk GCC 

“Our ambassadorship initiative is a proof of our dedication to fostering a culture of support and innovation, particularly among young Emirati women who are poised to make their mark in the coffee industry.” emphasized Al Nuaimi. CoffeeDesk was named as Europe’s fastest growing companies, having built a strong business model with modern and innovative practices, packaging and shipping and the promise of a great quality final product. The launch of CoffeeDesk GCC targeted the companies’ vision of bringing world class coffee experience to the people in the GCC especially fast-paced cities like Dubai where consumers are always looking to purchase the newest, more high-quality products.

This visionary campaign encapsulates CoffeeDesk’s unwavering dedication to not only curating the finest coffee and tea products but also cultivating a space where passion and proficiency thrive in this industry in the UAE. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, the program seeks to propel Emirati Youth into the spotlight, shining a light on their talent in the ever-evolving coffee landscape.

About CoffeeDesk

CoffeeDesk stands as a premier haven for coffee and tea enthusiasts, providing a curated selection of top-tier products that cater to the refined tastes of connoisseurs across the GCC and Europe. Rooted in a passion for excellence and a commitment to community empowerment, CoffeeDesk continually redefines the coffee experience. CoffeeDesk is one of the leading distributors of coffee, tea accessories and equipment and products in the GCC and Europe. The brand envisions bringing only the best products and services to the Middle East’s coffee enthusiasts. Since their advent into the UAE market in 2020, the brand has worked consistently towards their vision and has further expanded services from distribution to personalizing coffee equipment, professional HoReCa coffee bar setups, sourcing special equipment for businesses and after sales support for cafes etc.

To meet the high standing quality and the specialty coffee demands in the region, CoffeeDesk has added several new brands to its portfolio. The company has extended their official distribution with around 35 renowned global specialty brands including Hario, rancillio, EsspressoGear, KeepCup, AeroPress, Aoomi & Urnex and is an exclusive distributor of Fellow in UAE. 

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