Digital Encom receives $150,000 from Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Digital Encom [], a UAE based start-up with its unique Retail Operating System has been qualified to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub top tier which allows the startup to receive credit upto $150,000 over a year period. Digital Encom is developed as a retail operating system platform to provide technology-enabled solutions for the distribution of Digital goods, services, products like redeem vouchers (Gift cards) from a wide selection of respected brands. Digital Encom Operating system is focused on retail, B2B business, Telecom operators and enables distributors and merchants access to hundreds of digital brands to be sold through retail points of sale, to manage voucher inventory digitally, guarantee stock availability 24/7 and there is NO inventory to maintain or physical cards that can get stolen, a single wallet account to sell hundreds of digital brand codes through retail POS, Retail tills, Online channels etc.

Digital Encom is changing how digital goods are distributed said Founder and Director Christudas Dai and we appreciate the support from Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub for startup’s like us. ‘We really appreciate the support Microsoft is giving to young entrepreneurs to try out different projects which can bring in innovation in domains which have been doing things the traditional way.’ – Christudas Dai. Digital Encom’s Hosting primarily hosted through a cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft Services (Azure cloud computing) and the $150,000 Azure credits will help us to push the growth and technology of the platform.

In most instances, startup founders will embark on building their company from the ground up with a bare-bones budget and a dream. To ensure success, these founders will need to develop core business processes that meet the computing needs of today’s modern workplace without crashing the budget. It is to this end that Microsoft launched the Startups Founders Hub. This program is designed to offer technology, guidance, and support to startups that have an idea that could provide solutions to some of the problems businesses face today. Qualified founders get up to $150,000 in credit on Microsoft’s flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform – Azure. Microsoft’s motivation for starting this program is likely the recognition that startups play an integral role in a thriving business ecosystem. “Our ambition is to make the global startup ecosystem more representative of the world at large regardless of background, location, progress or passion,” said Jeff Ma, vice president, Microsoft for Startups.

Digital Encom is based in Dubai, UAE and provides platforms and system to subscribe to Digital Services, Internet services and private communication services.