Dubai Centre for AI engages in discussions with Microsoft and IBM

Dubai Centre for AI (DCAI), in collaboration with Microsoft, IBM and Rootcode, organised a workshop aimed at discussing the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the government and private sectors, as well as how to govern the use of AI tools and keep pace with rapid technological development.

This workshop was held in line with DCAI’s objectives to strengthen its global partnerships and create an integrated community of government entities, tech companies and entrepreneurs. DCAI aims to provide a platform for global innovation to produce initiatives and programs that support the use of new AI applications.

The workshop included a panel discussion hosted Maitha Alsuwaidi, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft UAE; Mostafa Zafer, Vice President of Data, AI and Automation at IBM; and Saeed Al Falasi, Director of Dubai Centre for AI. The panel was moderated by Alagan Mahalingam, Founder and CEO at Rootcode.

The panelists stressed the importance of effective AI strategies in government and private sectors as well as leveraging AI’s capabilities to achieve institutional goals in the short and long terms.

They reviewed future scenarios for the role of AI in shaping government policies and public services over the next decade. Panelists also discussed major ethical considerations to ensure the responsible and fair use of AI technologies.

Future applications

During the session, Maitha Alsuwaidi underlined Microsoft’s commitment to supporting Dubai’s and the UAE’s government initiatives to become a global technology and innovation hub. She also highlighted some of Microsoft’s programs that help startups and enterprises adopt AI to enhance business efficiency.

Skills development

Mostafa Zafer pointed out that government and private sectors must focus on the development of fundamental future skills to enhance their readiness for the AI era. He also discussed IBM’s efforts to develop AI technologies, emphasising the importance of their applications in enhancing business efficiency, driving innovation, and developing new business models.

Sharing local and global expertise

Saeed Al Falasi, Director of DCAI, emphasised the key role of sharing knowledge and expertise among government and private entities, along with accelerating the deployment of AI in advancing government services by upskilling public sector’s employees and providing them with the tools they need.

He said: “DCAI aims to leverage its partnerships with government entities and global tech giants to develop legislation and laws related to the uses of modern technology. The centre also explores the ethical and social impacts of AI applications, as well as the vital laws, policies and legislation that govern these technologies. DCAI is committed to empowering promising national talents and expertise in the field of AI.”