Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, Equiti Group discuss ways to boost digital economy

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy – one of the chambers operating under Dubai Chambers – recently held a meeting with Equiti Group at its headquarters, which aimed to explore new ways to boost the growth of digital economy sectors.

The meeting was led by His Excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, and Chairman of Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy and Equiti Group CEO, Iskandar Najjar, and other representatives from the company.

The meeting outlined a wide range of initiatives and events designed to support the National Strategy for Digital Economy in Dubai and the UAE. During the meeting, H.E. Al Olama highlighted the importance of the digital economy sector in diversifying the economy and driving its sustainable growth. H.E. called for new efforts to capitalise on the global information technologies boom and adopt innovative strategic solutions to support the growth of digital businesses in the UAE.

“Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy reiterates its full commitment to stimulating investment in the digital economy sector by building strong strategic partnerships with prominent global players specialising in digital assets and financial transactions,” H.E. asserted. “We are also dedicated to developing outstanding talent and sponsoring training programmes with the aim of building a robust digital infrastructure and base in Dubai that can boost the sector’s global competitiveness and leadership. This will be particularly important in light of the steady growth in the volume of trade and investment and the growing demand for digital finance and economic tools around the world.”

“We strive to support digital transformation processes by developing digital activities and proposing innovative fin-tech solutions that can enhance Dubai’s economic competitiveness. These plans were designed to support Dubai’s ambitions to become a leading global destination for these advanced sectors of the future – one that embraces pioneering technologies and encourages innovation in various areas of the digital economy,” H.E. Al Olama noted.

For his part, Iskandar Najjar said: “Dubai possesses tremendous digital capabilities that enable the emirate to play a pivotal global role in supporting the digital financial industry, establishing an optimised investment climate, and implementing innovative solutions that add value to investors and consumers alike. As a pioneer in the digital economy sector, Dubai has demonstrated its capacity to meet the growing demand in this industry by bringing investors closer to consumers. The emirate is an international hub that connects stakeholders, creating an encouraging investment climate for fin-techs and financial infrastructure developers.”

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy is in the process of developing new initiatives to attract digital investments and transform Dubai into a preferred hub for digital businesses. The Chamber plays a crucial role in establishing a flexible digital economy in the emirate, capitalising on advanced technologies and expertise to meet the needs of future generations and advance Dubai’s position to the forefront of the most developed cities in the world.

The Chamber has recently launched an integrated strategy for the 2022-2024 period, which centres on supporting and nurturing digital businesses in Dubai and actively building the digital infrastructure needed to accelerate the digital transformation strategy. It works in collaborations with all relevant authorities to update the legal frameworks related to the digital world and adopt a digital agenda that encourages research and innovation efforts and paves the way for the creation of advanced digital environments.