Dubai Government Workshop concludes summer camp ‘Learn a Skill for Tomorrow’

Dubai Government Workshop recently concluded the summer camp ‘Learn a Skill for Tomorrow,” which targeted youth aged 15 to 20 years old. Participants attended a series of workshops curated to enhance their awareness of automobiles and their maintenance during the camp.

The camp primarily focused on educating participants about principles of cars, emphasising the importance of regular maintenance to ensure the vehicle’s safety and optimum performance. The camp received specialists in car maintenance, providing extensive details on how to inspect and maintain a car in various situations.

The training sessions combined interactive and functional approaches, providing participants with a platform to learn, improve their skills and gain practical experience, specifically in the field of engine inspection, diverse types of oils and the importance of changing them on a regular basis to maintain the engine’s performance. The camp also featured a detailed overview of tyre systems and the significance of selecting proper ones for different conditions.

Participants praised this unique experience that broadened their knowledge of car maintenance and practical skills in the field, as well as appreciated DGW’s efforts to implement educational initiatives to develop the skills and expertise of individuals, particularly the youth.

The workshop is part of DGW’s educational initiatives and activities, with the goal of enabling young to improve their practical experience, in line with the organisation’s steadfast commitment to providing educational and development opportunities that empower youth cadres and their opportunities.