Dubai-headquartered Eureeca to focus on building the first democratised digital investment bank

Eureeca, one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms and pioneers of digital investment, is to democratise digital investment banking through an expanded online platform and soon-to-be-launched app.

The Dubai-headquartered company, which is regulated in the Middle East, UK, and Southeast Asia, has upgraded its position and outlined a strategy which aims to see the company building a digital investment bank that will include features allowing for secondary market trading as well as various investment banking products designed for both large institutional and small individual investors.

The platform, and the soon-to-be-launched app, will allow people to invest in growth and pre-IPO companies, partake in institutional and crowdfunding capital raising, and own shares in potential future unicorns.

Sam Quawasmi, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Eureeca, said: “As former investment bankers, our vision at Eureeca has always been to democratise investment banking by making it available to everyone. We want to provide investors of all sizes with access to opportunities while ensuring institutional investors and family offices have access to larger international pre-IPO companies.

“Since launching, we have successfully funded companies from the UAE, Malaysia, the UK, and Europe. Eureeca is now in its second phase of growth. We are aggressively pursuing geographical and product expansion through acquisitions and adding new services and products to support our vision,” added Quawasmi.

Eureeca allows investors to build a portfolio of potentially high-yielding and vetted companies from several markets, industries and sizes, diversifying their risk exposure and maximising return. Equally, Eureeca matches founders with institutional and individual investors that add value based on the companies’ strategic requirements and expansion plans.

Chris Thomas, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Eureeca, added: “We launched ten years ago as an equity crowdfunding platform. This will remain a subset and a product of our overall digital investment banking offering. The company has evolved and will soon launch the secondary market to allow investors to sell their investments and capitalise on their gains.”

Eureeca has grown into a multi-regulated, cross-continent digital investment platform with over 40,000 investors from 72 countries. Eureeca matches companies ranging from growth businesses to Pre-IPO ventures with institutional and individual investors that add value to the companies’ strategic expansion plans.

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