eBankX announces Chairman

eBankX, a global digital platform providing several services and features, has announced its appointment of Sulaiman Al Fahim as Chairman.

Sulaiman Al Fahim is currently the executive chairman of the globally leading Al Fahim Holding Group, a business conglomerate in the UAE. He brings many years of expertise covering project management, strategic development, and business negotiations.

eBankX has widely expanded throughout various sectors, providing several high-quality products and services to its customers, now under the guidance and management of Sulaiman Al Fahim.

From technical services to real estate, the Al Fahim Holding Group has established its goodwill and showcases the commitment of Sulaiman Al Fahim to deliver the best. After attaining his MBA degree from Kogod School of Business at America University in finance and real estate, Al Fahim has established his name globally. However, he is still united with his home in the UAE.

eBankX CEO Qasim Bhatti stated, “I am delighted to have Sulaiman Al Fahim as the figurehead at eBankX. We are excited that we have such a talented visionary leader and businessman representing eBankX.”

For Sulaiman Al Fahim, he considers his most profitable investment to date in himself, his personal and professional growth. Building strong regional ties across the world, with the ability to conquer challenges and learn from each opportunity, he pictures varying degrees of business potential for the future of eBankX and wishes for continued growth globally and within the UAE.