EDM Council and the NDMO cooperate to enhance data management culture across KSA

EDM Council, a cross-industry trade association focused on data management and analytics best practices, has entered into a cooperation agreement with the National Data Management Office (NDMO), part of the Saudi Data & AI Authority, to create greater awareness around data literacy and establish a national data management culture across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The agreement makes NDMO the first EDM Council member in KSA.

A key part of this cooperation will have EDM Council and NDMO translate EDM Council’s  DCAM™ – the Data Management Capability Assessment Model into Arabic to meet KSA’s needs. DCAM has been instrumental in helping firms around the world and across multiple industries implement the best practices needed to successfully drive data management across their organizations.

In addition to translating DCAM into Arabic, the cooperation will:

  • Provide virtual open courses, dedicated courses and certifications in data management and data literacy best practices through EDM Council and its strategic partner eLearningCurve
  • Empower NDMO to benefit from EDM Council’s expansive network of global members and regulators
  • Help foster an ecosystem of data management training partners in KSA
  • Establish special interest groups and forums for data management professionals in KSA

This cooperation with the EDM Council is an important step in fostering better data management best practices nationwide. Data is quickly becoming one of the most important assets to any organization so it’s imperative that firms have the necessary protocols in place to not only manage it but analyze it and leverage the insights that it can provide.

In addition to addressing data management best practices, DCAM ensures an organization’s data can support digital transformation, advanced analytics such as AI and ML, and data ethics.

“Bringing DCAM to the data management professionals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and helping them to establish a robust data management culture is a watershed moment for the industry and the country,” said John Bottega, President of the EDM Council. “This is an exciting new venture for The Council and we’re eager to begin working with the NDMO team to support their implementation of these capabilities across the country.”

The cooperation agreement will be formally introduced during the Global AI Summit taking place between September 13-15 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.