EOG’s Eng. Mohamed Fouad wins Alya International Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

In recognition of his exceptional achievements in the field of business leadership and his role in bringing foreign investments to the oil and gas sector, Eng. Mohamed Fouad, Founder and CEO of Egypt Oil and Gas (EOG), was awarded the first Alya Society International Award. Handed in a spectacular ceremony attended by multiple international entrepreneurs and influential figures, Fouad is the first Arab business leader who wins the award.
“From a very young age I knew, in my heart, that I would someday be a businessman leading “industry” with purpose.  My dreams started to really take shape in the year 2000.  I was leading the first-ever energy information channel for petroleum service providers in West Africa at the time. I quickly gained momentum and clarity in 2006. This is when my entrepreneurial ambitions started to brew inside of me. I knew it was time to take a new path,” Fouad, said during his award acceptance speech.

 “EOG was born. My goal and focus in establishing EOG as a media outlet were to provide industry professionals and concerned readers with real-time news, current updates, and relevant analysis about the latest trends in the Egyptian oil and gas market,” he added.

The award was delivered on the sidelines of the ceremony celebrating the launch of the business network club, Alya Society, marking its first edition, at The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, Spain, on December 3, 2021. Alya Society is launched as Madrid’s first international English-speaking business networking club whose members are accomplished in their fields the world over. The organization reflects the taste of a luxury brand- affording its members exclusive access to a year-round experience of luxury lifestyle. Alya Society focuses on supporting its members in reaching their personal and professional goals, enjoying access to unique events varying between exclusive presentations by award winning speakers, and unique private events.

During her speech, Egyptian entrepreneur Nehad Sharaf, founder and president of Alya Society, stated that the award presented by the society reflects the Arabic meaning of the society’s name “high status, eliteness, and exclusivity”. She followed with explaining the award’s criteria and selection honoring outstanding performers from various sectors for exemplifying in resilience, reinvention, social impact, adaptability, and sustainability.

Sharaf said during the event: “It has been a pleasure to recognize Mr. Mohamed Fouad amongst the 10 outstanding performers. The recognition honors the reinvention and adaptability he pursued in founding, managing, and excelling Egypt’s first oil and gas information provider.”

In addition to Eng. Mohamed Fouad, the ceremony witnessed the honoring of ten of the world’s most notable entrepreneurs and businessmen in different field, including: Antonio Ragusa, an international entrepreneur and founder of educational institutions and businesses operating across no less than five continents, Jose de Carvajal Escalada, CEO of Sesderma Dermatology Laboratories, Yoanna Chikezie, founder of the Assembly Innovation Hub, Nigeria’s leading creative hub, the renowned Argentinian soprano Virginia Tola, Manu Romo, Mister international Spain  who will soon be representing Spain in the Manhunt International Contest, Ivan Perujo, the World’s Elite Personal Trainer, and Miguel de la Castro,  Communication & Public Affairs Executive, Miguel is Head of Communications for Spain, Portugal, and Greece.