Europe’s renowned intellectual real estate developer, R.evolution, forays into the UAE market

R.evolution, a boutique European real estate developer with a successful track record of developing unique properties in Latvia, Spain, and Germany, is making its Middle East debut with a distinctive new residential tower in Dubai, UAE, as part of its global expansion endeavour.

Widely recognised for shaping architectural masterpieces for over 20 years across Europe covering residential, hotel, office, and infrastructural projects, R.evolution will enrich Dubai’s thriving real estate landscape with its unconventional and innovative living environments that integrate nature into well-defined architectural spaces.

As a company that invests in intellectual developments, it has pioneered an inimitable approach to creating assets that impact human senses and promote a balanced emotional state of mind as well as a productive spirit among residents. This is reflected across its portfolio, which is built on the foundations of ancient science and wisdom, world-class architecture, and modern technology, catering to the growing need of today’s consumers for wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle.

Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai, part of a network spanning nearly 50 countries across 6 continents, will be the exclusive real estate broker for R.evolution’s first project in the UAE.

With Open AD as the lead concept and design executive architect and Brewer Smith Brewer Group (BSBG) as the lead design consultants, R.evolutions nature-inspired development in Dubai, will be designed as an integral part of Dubai’s evolving built environment, setting a new benchmark for luxury and sustainable living in the UAE.

It will represent a revolutionary generation of 21stcentury buildings that will bring alive the unique concept of “Wild Luxury” in the heart of the metropolis. Its architectural aesthetics will be governed by the highest level of energy efficiency, powerful interaction with nature, and unprecedented material quality, all rooted in ancient human knowledge. Rather than simply being a sound investment, the property will also be serving as a manifestation of the residents’ life vision.

Alex Zagrebelny, Chairman & CEO, R.evolution, said: “Our first project in Dubai will embody the revolutionary vision inherent in all our assets worldwide, as well as our brand’s core DNA of positively influencing how our residents live. Our top priorities are wellbeing and health, energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as unity with nature and community. A desire to help people lead more productive and ultimately more independent lives, to be able to enhance their personalities and wellbeing is at the heart of our approach. We’re glad to be part of this community and embrace the incredible spirit of Dubai, creating a legacy that corresponds to the values of the city.”

Qasim Mansoor, Chief Development and Operations Officer, R.evolution, said: “At R.evolution, we take pride in our developments being more than just valuable assets, but also, a wonderful addition to a city’s architectural landscape, serving as a worthy example for future generations. We come to the UAE with the same ambition. Having pioneered a distinctive approach to development in major cities of Europe, we aspire to incorporate the concept of wellbeing and natural living into Dubai’s built environment while contributing to its majestic skyline.”

Besides a strong network of local and global world-class partners, R.evolution, in the UAE, is steered by a highly experienced executive team of local experts led by industry stalwarts like Alex Zagrebelny as the Chairman & CEO and Qasim Mansoor as the Chief Development and Operations Officer.

About R.evolution

R.evolution is known for over 20 years of designing architectural masterpieces in countries such as Latvia, Germany, and Spain, including residential, hotel, office, and infrastructure projects. Ready to make a name for itself in Dubai, the company plans to build a new generation of unconventional, innovative, and sustainable living environments. The company’s main goal as a developer is to meet the needs of investors and customers through the carefully thoughtful placement of financial accents, maximisation of usable area, and professional and timely management of the development process. The company invests heavily in intellectual development and has an unparalleled approach to creating assets that affect the human senses and promote a balanced emotional state and productive psyche in its residents.