Eurovets Highlights the Importance of Dental Care with iM3 at AAVAC 2023

Eurovets, a leading animal health care distributor in the UAE, participated at the Annual Australian Veterinary Association Congress (AAVAC) in Adelaide, Australia to highlight its strong partnership with iM3, a renowned brand in veterinary dentistry.

The participation in AAVAC, in partnership with iM3, highlighted Eurovets’ commitment to delivering the best and most up-to-date dental products and services to the animal healthcare segment.

Dental care plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health and well-being of pets. Eurovets understands the significance of providing veterinarians super premium dental equipment. Through its partnership with iM3, Eurovets aims to offer veterinarians across the GCC access to cutting-edge dental solutions that ensure accurate diagnosis, efficient procedures, and improved patient outcomes.

“We are delighted to associate with iM3, a brand known for its excellence in veterinary dental equipment and consumables,” said Mr. Yakub Omarji, COO of Eurovets. “Our partnership reflects our commitment to empowering veterinarians with the most advanced tools and technologies. With our close collaboration with iM3, we highlighted the growing importance of dental care in veterinary medicine.”

Eurovets brings global technology and new innovative pet care products to aid the animal healthcare business across GCC. As pioneers in the distribution segment, Eurovets  offers not just super premium brands but also a complete service package which includes round the clock tech support, training, education, marketing and commercial support.

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