Explore the Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions and experiences shaping the future of food, agriculture and healthy eating

The world population is projected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, increasing to 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100, according to data from the United Nations (UN) – a challenge that will take centre stage at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods Week from 17-23 February.  

With this trajectory in mind, Expo 2020 Dubai offers the opportunity for visitors to explore a plethora of innovations, solutions and experiences from across the world that are defining what and how we can eat, in ways that support ourselves and our planet moving into the future.

The Food for the Future visitor journey, available on the Expo 2020 Dubai app, explores all the physical experiences offered by Country Pavilions and by Expo itself.

Beginning in the Opportunity District at the Palestine Pavilion, visitors can take a seat at a dining table where projections of dishes like makloubehmusakhan and kunafa allow for the exploration of the traditional culinary kitchen. The ‘Smell Palestine’ section also shares the aromas of the land’s famed olives, thyme, sage and more.

For those whose appetite for food and innovation is not yet satiated, a stop at Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion, to explore how Expo 2020 brings to life the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a must, highlighting how a small change can have a big ripple effect and how collective action can a create safer, cleaner, healthier world for all. One of the three parallel ‘tracks’ that run through the pavilion features Mariam Al Juneibi, who promotes sustainable organic farming and healthy eating while also encouraging people to grow vegetables in the UAE.

Between the Opportunity and Sustainability District, the Desert Farm illustrates how to make the most of three natural resources found in the UAE – the sun, sea and sand – showcasing innovative ways to revolutionise the way food can be grown.

In addition to its world-famous gastronomy, the Spain Pavilion in the Sustainability District explores sustainable farming and shows the environmental and health benefits of the renowned Mediterranean diet.

A miniature world with its own climate system, the nearby Netherlands Pavilion showcases solutions for natural food production. The pavilion harvests water, energy and food through various innovations, including a cone-shaped vertical farm.

Moving to the Mobility District, the Estonia Pavilion offers visitors a chance to learn how to grow vegetables in machines and to be served a drink by YANU, the robotic bar. Celebrating a land full of pure food and healthy ingredients, visitors can also indulge in the country’s traditional rye bread and beloved local desserts at the pavilion’s restaurant.

The last stop on the journey is at one of the most biodiverse nations, the Peru Pavilion. The pavilion is a treat for those who want to sample the best experiential gastronomy changing humanity’s future through Peruvian superfoods, which include quinoa, purple potatoes and amaranth.

Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods Week will unite change-makers, innovators and stakeholders from across the global food value chain to spotlight food systems that are more productive, more inclusive of poor and marginalised populations, environmentally sustainable and resilient, and deliver healthy and nutritious diets for all.

Food, Agriculture & Livelihoods Week is the ninth of ten Theme Weeks held throughout the six months of Expo, forming part of Expo 2020’s Programme for People and Planet, as an exchange of inspiring new perspectives to address the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time.