Expo City Dubai elevates role as AI innovation hub with launch of region’s first Artificial Intelligence Film Festival

Expo City Dubai is pioneering advancements in new technologies and elevating its position as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation hub with the launch of the region’s first Artificial Intelligence Film Festival (AIFF), which will explore the potential of AI technology to enhance creative storytelling and advance the filmmaking landscape.

The hybrid AIFF, hosted by Expo City Dubai with a dedicated website to enable virtual visitors to explore the festival remotely, will be the region’s premier event to celebrate and propel the convergence of cinema and AI, underlining the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and technology. It establishes Expo City Dubai as the epicentre of AI innovation, a future-focused community and a global platform for collaboration on big ideas.

AIFF will span almost six months of dynamic experiences, including a global competition, innovative film screenings, engaging panel discussions featuring renowned AI experts and filmmakers, and hands-on workshops offering insights into AI integration in film production – all showcasing how AI can be used to enhance the filmmaking process.

The competition opens today, with professional and amateur film creators from around the world invited to submit a short film that includes AI-generated content. The winning entries will be showcased at an awards ceremony on 29 February 2024.

Marjan Faraidooni, Chief of Education and Culture, Expo City Dubai, said: “As a driver of innovation and a hub for AI exploration and development, Expo City Dubai is proud to unveil the Artificial Intelligence Film Festival – a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to put humanity at the centre of technological innovation.

“The first in a long line of initiatives, AIFF will explore the relationship between creativity and technology, between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence. Recognising that AI can support the understanding, emotional depth and imagination that artists exclusively possess, it opens the door to enthusiasts who may have previously found the filmmaking industry inaccessible. We look forward to welcoming everyone on this bold step towards shaping a future where talent and technology connect.”

More details, including the most up-to-date schedule of events, can be found on the AIFF website, which also lists information on the competition, including categories, submission process and evaluation criteria. Submissions are open from today until 1 December 2023.