Eywa, Tree Of Life, By R.Evolution announces partnership with Mindvalley

Mindvalley, the world-renowned life transformation platform followed by millions worldwide, has announced its alignment and support of the Eywa Movement by choosing Eywa in Dubai as its space of excellence in the region.

The six-and-a-half-thousand-square-foot property will be a home away from home for the Mindvalley masters, offering them a space that will nurture their minds and create a centre of excellence here in the heart of Dubai. The property features a waterfall and pool on a spacious terrace, a lavish garden, the world’s highest air and water quality, and sustainable measures taken throughout the construction of the unique residential building. All of this combines to provide a living space for the excellent minds that teach at Mindvalley, ensuring they can live their best lives while staying at Eywa.

Mindvalley is the world’s most powerful transformational platform that brings together the greatest minds worldwide to impact and enhance mental and physical well-being positively. It is home to hundreds of incredibly talented educators dedicated to helping themselves and others achieve personal transformation. “Mindvalley is now a partner with the Eywa Movement. At Mindvalley, we deeply believe that the space in which we live and work completely transforms our consciousness, productivity, and health. Eywa Movement is designed to create buildings that nurture humanism – mind, body, and spirit,” said the founder of Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani.

Vishen added; “The founder of Eywa and the Eywa Movement, Alex Zagrebelny, is passionate about how buildings elevate human spirituality and wellbeing. MindValley has partnered with Eywa because we share a deep connection in terms of values, spirit and mission.”

What is the Eywa Movement?

The Eywa movement is a call to unite in a common passion to reconnect our living space with nature and the deep wisdom of our ancestors. To use the latest achievements of modern science in real estate and to develop ourselves and this world for a better future. The Eywa Movement brings together the greatest minds of today and tomorrow and implements their valued knowledge and insight into the buildings where people live, love, create, work, and develop.

It aims at creating a universe of well-being filled with awareness and gratitude, joy, and an opportunity to develop and enhance life. It brings out the potential of its inhabitants, using ancient knowledge and wisdom, the latest achievements of the modern world, and the highest level of sustainability.  

Elaborating on the Eywa Movement and the partnership with Mindvalley, Alex Zagrebelny, CEO of R.Evolution, stated:“At R.Evolution, we create aesthetically superior, health-centric buildings of the next revolutionary generation of the real estate that pave the way for a brighter future. Mindvalley choosing Eywa as its home in the region proves that the Eywa Movement represents a common goal and that the value the Eywa Movement can bring to all our lives is endless and essential”He added, “The benefits of having the Mindvalley home in Eywa will be a huge advantage for its residents. Access to these brilliant minds on their doorstep through scheduled workshops exclusive to residents means that living in Eywa gives them something no other residence can offer.”