FACEKI announces the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments

FACEKI announces the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a form of payment, allowing future clients to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for its services.

FACEKI’s flexibility can be enhanced by Cryptocurrency as a payment option for inbound and outbound international transactions. The company’s focus has shifted to maximizing technology’s flexibility and convenience.

FACEKI’s team is constantly on the lookout for innovative technology that will allow customers from all over the world to simplify access to our services purchased through its platform in novel and simplified ways.


FACEKI is an identity verification platform. Developed with the aim to create safer, more accessible user experiences for all, powered by state-of-the-art facial recognition technology.

FACEKI uses AI and machine learning to power its certified liveness and anti-spoofing detection technology which help verify if the users really are who they claim to be. Protecting customer, enterprises and reducing onboarding process time and cost by up to 95%.