Fasset enters strategic partnership with USA-based Dinari to offer Tokenized Securities

Fasset and Dinari announced a strategic partnership to introduce Dinari’s dShares (defined by Dinari as 1:1 backed Real World Asset tokens of US stocks and ETFs), onto Fasset’s digital assets exchange platform available globally. The move is set to broaden investor access to equity markets through blockchain technology and includes the listing of tokenized blue-chip stocks such as Apple, Nvidia, Tesla, Adobe, Uber, and many more.

Dinari’s expertise in issuing compliant and stable tokenized RWAs (Real World Assets) combined with Fasset’s secure fully-regulated digital assets exchange platform allows investors around the world to diversify their portfolios with innovative yet secure and ethical investment options. The collaboration is aimed to give access to some of the world’s most trusted dShares to previously underserved investors, as well as build the foundations for a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

The partnership features numerous benefits to investors, including:

  • Enhanced accessibility:  Available to investors across Asia, who would previously be without the necessary platforms to access US equities.
  • Lower minimum buy-in: dShares on Fasset’s platform can be traded in fractional shares, lowering the entry barrier for everyday investors.
  • 24-hour trading: Fasset empowers investors with the ability to trade round-the-clock.
  • Increased flexibility: Tokenization can potentially increase the liquidity of traditionally illiquid assets, providing more flexibility for investors.
  • Yield opportunities: The partnership equips investors with innovative portfolio diversification strategies, including dividend distributions, potential DeFi yield opportunities, and financial services previously gate-kept for institutional finance and Wall Street.
  • Multiple payment options including Tether (USDT): Along with payments via debit and credit card, as well as Apple and Google Pay, Fasset users are able to purchase stocks with the Tether cryptocurrency stablecoin.

Mohammad Raafi Hossain, CEO and Co-founder, Fasset, said of the partnership: “Aligning with Dinari marks a pivotal moment in our quest to provide the best investment tools and opportunities on the market to our clients. The fusion of Dinari’s asset-backed investments with our platform’s extensive reach and robust features is an exciting and novel development for investors in many regions, as well as the blockchain space. We’re thrilled about the utility this collaboration unlocks, and are dedicated to fostering a more inclusive, transparent investment environment.

Gabriel Otte, CEO and Co-founder, Dinari, stated: “Our partnership with Fasset is a testament to our commitment to broadening access to premier investment opportunities. This collaboration transcends mere platform integration, envisioning a future where investing is universally inclusive, transparent, and accessible. Together, we’re paving the way for a new era of investment, making market participation more transparent and fair for everyone.”

The partnership with Dinari also brings Fasset closer to realizing its vision of creating a real-world asset (RWA) protocol, IOWN. IOWN is the first Ethereum Layer 2 protocol built for the creation, management and distribution of tokenized RWAs. The protocol enables seamless integration of RWAs – from commodities and real estate to publicly traded stocks and bonds – into a secure, transparent and compliant digital ecosystem.

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About Fasset

Fasset is a fintech startup that lets people and businesses securely invest from anywhere in the world. Founded by Mohammad Raafi Hossain and Daniel Ahmed, Fasset has raised a total of $26.7 million in funding. In 2021, Fasset received three separate full authorizations from the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) in the federal territory of Labuan in Malaysia. Fasset was also granted a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license by Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) in 2023, allowing the distribution of digital assets and services to retail and institutional investors globally. For more information, please visit https://fasset.io/

About Dinari

Dinari is at the forefront of delivering innovative digital economy solutions, empowering individuals and organizations alike. With a steadfast commitment to transparency and accessibility, Dinari specializes in blockchain-based offerings, including the pioneering Dinari Securities-Backed Tokens (dShares), ensuring direct exposure to globally esteemed assets with unequivocal 1:1 backing. For more information, https://dinari.com/