FGRealty launches detailed short stay rental property searches

FGRealty, one of Qatar’s fastest-growing luxury real estate companies, has launched a detailed short stay rental property search feature on www.fgrealty.qa. After spending more than a decade in Qatar real estate market, FGRealty has developed an innate understanding of the domain. 

Backed by expert staff and technology, the company is opening new frontiers for property buyers in Qatar to discover valuable assets. One primary offering from FGRealty is properties for rent in Qatar. Being one of the best countries in the world for ex-pats to settle, Qatar is a worthwhile location to invest in property. Also, it is a high-income economy, with the fourth-highest GDP per capita. This signifies the high standard of living in the country. To help expatriates find value properties in Qatar, FGRealty has emerged as a critical player.

With 2022 World Cup tournament hosted in Qatar, the middle east peninsular region is expected to attract 1.2 million visitors. An essential requirement to host such a large number of people is to arrange for short stays. While hotels and dedicated properties provide accommodation options, they are not enough to provide for all football fans planning to visit Qatar between November and December this year. “In the absence of hotel stays and properties for rent in Qatar, it is a commendable decision from Qatar Tourism to simplify the process of holiday home licenses for the residential property owners,” Serban Spirea, FGRealty’s expert agent, quoted. 

Residential property owners can now list their units for short-term rentals ahead of the World Cup. Tourists prefer short-stay rental properties because they are fully furnished and comparatively cheaper than hotel rooms. Also, such rental properties offer better amenities.

With residential properties converting to short-term rentals, there is a need for a service to help ex-pats easily find a short stay in Qatar. FGRealty is at the forefront of assisting ex-pats and tourists in finding short-term rentals with its newly launched short stay rental search feature.

Here you will find the most luxurious properties for rent in Qatar. “We only list the most luxurious and full furnished short stays on our site. Our real estate agents have an eye for recognizing apartments with enticing interiors, amazing views, and amenities to suit any lifestyle. To communicate the features of a short stay in Qatar, we created a detailed listing search feature,” Spirea stated.

The detailed short stay rental listings provide a complete overview of the property. You can find all the details regarding a property here, including property pictures, detailed description of amenities, location details, features of the rental property, and minimum contract period. What sets this property finder Qatar apart from the other property listing websites is its fair pricing and exclusive set of filters. You can filter the results for a short stay in Qatar based on property types such as penthouse, studio apartment, chalet, location, and price range. “The spirit of hospitality is distinct in Qatari tradition, and we want visitors to experience the true Qatari essence. To help them find the most impeccable short-stay rentals, we launched detailed short-stay rental property searches on FGRealty.com,” says Spirea.