First to market properties available ‘Only on houza’ now live on agency-backed property portal has announced the launch of ‘Only on houza’ to give property seekers early access to properties before they get listed anywhere else. The launch of first to market, real property listings, is set to strengthen the online property search experience and addresses the market-wide issue of fake and duplicate listings. Through ‘Only on houza’, property seekers will get early access to the latest properties for both rent and sale, by the UAE’s leading real estate agencies.  These listings will be unique to houza and will not be found on any other property portal. houza’s website has also been redesigned to reflect the product launch and communicate its USPs of first to market properties, price transparency, and real homes.

Since its inception in 2020, the emerging property portal has been on a mission to transform the search experience for property seekers in the UAE. houza’s disruptive approach of hosting only genuine, verified properties is supported by the best largest agencies in the market. Free access to ‘recently sold’ prices and market trends for all properties safeguards property seekers from overpaying. Each of these factors make the launch of ‘Only on houza’ a true extension of the company’s commitment to provide ‘real’ homes.

Leading the exclusivity movement alongside houza are its top real-estate agency partners which are notably some of the largest and most trusted in the UAE. These include Allsopp & Allsopp, Betterhomes, CORE Properties, D&B Properties, Driven Properties, and Espace Real Estate, with additional agency partners set to join ‘Only on houza’ in the coming weeks. houza’s 250+ partner agencies manage upwards of 70% of the total listings in the market. As the only agency backed property portal in the UAE, houza will add nearly 100 new exclusive properties to its website daily. houza’s carefully screened and exclusive property listings will give property seekers early access to the freshest inventory in the market, before it gets listed anywhere else.

The launch of houza’s exclusive content strategy comes off the back of the appointment of its new CEO, Jean-Pierre Mondalek, who is preparing houza for rapid growth via customer backward product development and establishing the brand’s presence in the UAE market.

For the launch of ‘Only on houza’, Jean-Pierre Mondalek said, “I am excited about ‘Only on houza’ for UAE property seekers frustrated with hearing that a property is ‘no longer available,’ – a common response to inquiries on ubiquitous fake and duplicated property listings online. These are fresh rental and sale properties from participating agencies that are verified and posted on first, giving property seekers the benefit of early access to real homes, first to market. In turn, participating agencies are rewarded by being prominently featured on our homepage and the top of the fold of every property seeker search query result. ‘Only on houza’ aims to disrupt how people search for properties, by encouraging them to visit first, and will funnel a disproportionate amount of leads to agencies who participate in the program.”

Property seekers across the UAE can access ‘Only on houza’ properties directly on the homepage or by searching for properties in their desired community. ‘Only on houza’ listings will be surfaced on the top of every search results page and are easily identifiable by the purple ‘Only on houza’ tag on each listing.