FlexxPay a Dubai & Riyadh based FinTech solutions provider deploys AppSealing’s scalable App Shielding solution to protect its mobile apps and customers

AppSealing, a global mobile app security leader, announced today that it has been selected as a vendor of choice by FlexxPay, a leading payments digital solution to employers, to enhance the security of its mobile applications.

FlexxPay, a Dubai & Riyadh based fintech startup focuses on providing a variety of FinTech solutions for corporations to enable digital transformation in the workplace and improve sales, productivity and staff retention. For the company, security was naturally of utmost importance since the app was being used by millions of users. This is where AppSealing’s superior app shielding features gave it a clear advantage over the other vendors that FlexxPay was evaluating.

“As a fintech company focused on superior user experience and having a large number of users, we value user security. We were looking for a credible, robust and effective mobile application security solution that would help protect our users from any potential security threats, while providing us the flexibility and agility to finetune our security strategy. AppSealing provided the right features to achieve this vision through their easy implementation process, proactive management, and superior support system. With AppSealing’s application security features, we are confident that FlexxPay’s user data will be secure and safe at all times,” said Nathalie, Head of Product at FlexxPay.

“We are delighted to help contribute to FlexxPay’s mobile app security strategy as it looks to further spread its wings in the digital  space. With this key development, we are excited to help companies in the growth and startup phases discover the power of robust mobile app security. The startup ecosystem, thriving with unique opportunities to deal with fast-changing dynamics on the back of innovative, cost-efficient, credible solutions, is what will be the true game changer in the app security space.” said James Ahn, CEO & Founder at AppSealing.