Freshworks Unveils AI-Powered Customer Service Suite with Freddy Generative AI Integration

Freshworks Inc., (NASDAQ: FRSH) announced the launch of its AI-powered Customer Service Suite which brings together self-service bots, agent-led conversational messaging, and automated ticketing management in an all-in-one solution. Uniting Freshchat™, Freshdesk™, and the company’s generative artificial intelligence technology, Freddy AI, the Freshworks Customer Service Suite enables a modern customer support experience accessible to any company, with pricing that scales from small business to global enterprise.

Ninety four percent of business leaders surveyed in Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 5th Edition, agree that AI is critical to success over the next five years. However, many (42%) see implementing AI technologies a barrier to doing that. Freshworks Customer Service Suite

is easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy-to-scale solution for companies looking to leverage AI to retain and delight their customers.

“At Freshworks, we’ve always been committed to delivering innovative solutions that anticipate the needs of our customers. The new Freshworks Customer Service Suite is firmly rooted in generative AI technology and empowers businesses to automate customer resolutions, supercharge agent productivity and make smart decisions quickly at a price point that every company wants,” said Freshworks’ Chief Product Officer Prakash Ramamurthy.

The Freshworks Customer Service Suite follows the June launch of Freddy Self Service, Copilot, and Insights, which brought generative AI enhancements to a wide range of Freshworks products, and builds upon Freshworks’ generative AI enhancements released in March, which are already reducing agent time required on certain tasks by more than 80%.

Using Freshworks’ Freddy AI capabilities with the Customer Service Suite, companies of all sizes can:

  • Automate and personalized self-service across channels. Freddy Self Service AI-powered bots work across channels to help customers find answers fast. Ticket deflection happens faster and customers receive an overall better experience with personalized resolutions.
  • Supercharge agent productivity and collaboration. Freddy Copilot equips agents with next-best-action suggestions, streamline workflows and enable them to deliver accurate and personalized service. Integration with an advanced ticketing system promotes seamless teamwork among departments.
  • Leverage actionable Insights to make smarter decisions. Freddy Insightscontinuously analyzes data to surface key issues and generate reports using conversational prompts.

The all-in-one Suite offers value for businesses seeking to elevate their customer support capabilities with more engaging customer experiences and improved agent productivity.

Freshdesk customer, David Yabubik, Director of Customer Support at Restaurant 365, said, “We have big aspirations for the future and if we are ever going to hit the kind of revenue, service margins, and scale of support, we’re going to need to get more efficient and automate our work. AI promises to do just that, with a potential game changer in the Freshworks Customer Service Suite.”

Frank Servidio, Director of Service Operations at Ryan Specialty, said, “Our existing Freshdesk knowledge base automations combined with the new Freddy AI Self-Service capabilities will play very nicely with the Freshchat bots we are implementing. We’re expecting bots and automations will decrease tickets by at least 10 percent, probably more.”

Companies can experience a free trial and sign up for the Freshworks Customer Service Suite on our website here:

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