Game-changing partnership as Dubai firms link up

Glampitect, the glamping site design consultancy, is delighted to announce a partnership with leading UAE engineering specialists Rescom as it launches the region’s first portable luxury glamping pod.

The two Dubai-based companies believe the collaboration will play a major role in accelerating the growth of glamping in the Middle East.

The ground-breaking transportable pod is the first product of the link-up, visitors to this week’s Dubai Hotel Show having the first chance to see it up close.

Manufactured at Glampitect’s factory in the emirate, the pods measure 6.7m x 3.3m as standard, and the air-conditioned units have powder-coated aluminium tiles on the outside as well as all the latest accessories such as flat-screen TVs and modern kitchens, and to make it a real home from home.

The pods will be ideal for anyone looking to start up a glamping business, the return on investment one of the key drivers in attracting people to the market.

Internally they can be finished to the same five-star quality in a variety of ways, meaning the units can also be transformed into anything from a home office to yoga studio or spa room.

Uniquely, they are built on a galvanised steel chassis, which allows them to be picked up and moved around to different locations, which is another attractive aspect.

Hailing the partnership with Rescom as a ground-breaking moment for the glamping sector in UAE, Glampitect managing director Calum MacLeod said: “When I met Chris Perry at Rescom, it became apparent there was a real synergy between our two companies.

“The can-do attitude when I first had a conversation with him really struck a chord and it’s fantastic to be working together. I had this idea but needed someone with the engineering knowledge and experience to build it.

“The transportable luxury pod is just the start for us and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us. The big advantage is that it can be taken out into the desert, or hard-to-reach places, so there is a high degree of flexibility.

“It’s ideal for people looking to set up a glamping site or who have additional space in their house. It is much cheaper than setting up a hotel, and makes a quicker return on investment than a hotel, so will be a major asset for anyone wanting to move into the glamping business.

“We carried out consumer research on the Middle East market and want to help the area catch up with the glamping boom that is happening elsewhere, particularly in the UK.

“It’s just starting to take off here: compound annual growth rate for the glamping industry is 14.1% and we’re looking to help accelerate that growth.

The news comes in the wake of Tomorrowland’s Terra Solis being announced as a unique glamping experience in Dubai’s newest desert destination.

“The big difference,” said Edinburgh-born Mr MacLeod, “is those pods are built onsite and will never be moved, so very much a permanent feature compared to our one which can be picked up and moved to different locations.”

Rescom managing director Mr Perry said: “Calum and I met by a chance meeting and instantly I was impressed by his passion, professionalism and drive to succeed. It was evident from the beginning that he and Glampitect had the skills and experience that would complement and improve Rescom Middle East.

“Since the initial meeting we have both bounced off each other with our ideas and proposals for the future and both share the same vision of disrupting the glamping and portable housing market in the Middle East and beyond.

“I am extremely excited to see where this partnership takes us and have little doubt we will succeed in our goals together.”