Gymboree Play and Music Introduces Exciting Outdoor Classes for Kids

Gymboree Play and Music Dubai, the pioneer in early learning and play centers has introduced Outdoor classes for kids, keeping in mind the lovely weather in the UAE. This innovative initiative is designed to bring the enriching blend of early childhood development theories and over 25 years of hands-on experience into the lap of nature.

Gymboree Play & Music is renowned for offering a comprehensive range of developmentally appropriate classes catering to newborns through five years of age. The Outdoor classes extend the benefits of the well-established site-based program by integrating carefully designed elements into a full-service outdoor program. Comprising a range of fun and active challenges, movement exploration, and the development of both gross and fine motor skills, the program also includes engaging activities such as art and craft, singing songs, group dances, sensory play, and much more, all tailored to weekly themes that enhance the learning experience.

“At Gymboree, we believe that the boundless energy of children finds its perfect playground in the great outdoors. Our Outdoor classes leverage the wonderful weather to create a natural platform for learning, laughter, and limitless exploration,” said Rumana Mowjee who is the Managing Partner at Gymboree Play & Music Dubai.  â€œWe encourage parents to embrace the sunshine as we nurture young minds and bodies in an environment where the beauty of nature becomes an integral part of the developmental journey,” Rumana added.

The classes, priced at 160 AED for a 50-minute session, offer a unique opportunity for children to connect with nature while nurturing their physical, cognitive, and social development. To encourage families to experience the benefits of Outdoor classes, a special trial offer is available at 75 AED.