Honesty Is The Best Policy

In the era of cut throat competition, it has become more than necessary for all freelancers to market themselves as well as their offerings, which are their expertise or areas of specialization in a very rigorous manner, but the question remains, how?

With the emergence of social media and rapid advancements in technology turning the entire world into a global village, marketing has become much easier in terms of the ability to reach out to the targeted audience, however, this is still a challenging job for many in terms of tapping into the right ideas and putting them across to your audience in a very smart but effective way.

For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and Linkedin etc. are turning out to be essential parts of our lives. However, in spite of the availability of all these platforms, a good number of people still struggle to use the marketing mediums to their benefit.

Lets take a view of what goes into making a marketing plan effective for trainers in today’s age:

Honesty is the best policy!

A number of freelancers and organizations market themselves in such a way that instead of making a positive impression, they create negative marketing for themselves i.e. by sounding desperate for business. This is where they go wrong.

First of all, freelancers and organizations need to develop a deeper understanding and realization that the most important thing which is required in this profession is “HONESTY”. If they are able to understand the importance of honesty as a foundation of this profession, they will channel and align all their efforts accordingly instead of positioning themselves wrongly in the market.

A freelancers’ projection through social media also requires a professional touch, instead of unknowingly projecting themselves as amateurs doing negative brand building for themselves.

One will need to understand that whatever we do on social media makes an image of us in the minds of others and that this image leads towards brand building of ourselves as professionals or as individuals.

Often one tends to forget that somewhere someone is watching for you, and making decisions about you in his/her mind through your activity on social media, they could possibly be your potential customer.

Therefore, freelancers should increase their visibility in the market with a sense of purpose in an appropriate manner.

The forums a freelancer might choose to join must have their own credibility through the contribution they make in the work lives of the professionals.

Choose memberships with professional bodies which have a say and credibility in the market and will help you market yourself to your target audience.

Most importantly, honesty will lead towards development of content and design which will become your unique selling proposition, lead to increased market visibility and put you in contact with your target audience.

M. Ali Yaqoob is an HR professional having 12 plus years of work experience in the field of HR/OD.. Presently, He is working with a lubricant manufacturing company in UAE with major assignments at hand to build capacity of sales and production team. His specialized areas are Recruitment & Selection, OD, Training & Development and HR Operations.