iBLOXX Proprietary Trading announces DMCC Crypto Trading License

iBLOXX Proprietary Trading DMCC, a fin-tech trading firm based in Dubai,  announced last week that they have been granted the License for Proprietary Trading in Crypto Commodities by Dubai Multi Commodities Center.

iBLOXX designs AI and Machine Learning algorithms to manage active trading models for a variety of instruments across traditional and now also crypto commodity markets.

“This license will allow us to merge our expertise from the traditional financial markets with the crypto DeFi ecosystem. Our fully automated algorithms are designed to maximize profit margins and minimize execution risk in a sub-zero milliseconds timescale through multi-asset, market-wide connectivity and  on-chain smart contracts across major blockchains”, said Domenik Maier, CEO of iBLOXX Proprietary Trading DMCC.

For more information about iBLOXX Proprietary Trading DMCC, please visit www.ibloxx.com