iDenfy partners with IPRoyal to provide a seamless digital identity verification experience

The certified identity verification, fraud prevention and compliance company, iDenfy, announced a new partnership with IPRoyal, a wide-range proxy service provider. iDenfy will be responsible for verifying customers’ identities through its biometric ID verification implementation on IPRoyal’s network.

As cyberattack numbers are rising, it’s expected to have high security standards in today’s digital scenery. Even though companies continue to look for more complex security measures, keeping up with the risks of online crime remains a challenge. Forbes recently reported that in 2021, the average for cyberattacks and data breaches increased by more than 15% from the previous year. The alarming statistics are evidence that the risks are real and that criminals are getting more sophisticated; therefore, cybersecurity specialists argue that keeping up with these threats is vital.

To safeguard the business and its data, IPRoyal started to look for identity verification solutions and selected iDenfy’s digital ID verification service. Like iDenfy, IPRoyal is a Lithuanian startup. The company provides different types of proxies, including Residential, Private, or Sneaker proxies. According to IPRoyal, many businesses select its services mainly for web scraping purposes. The company claims that its Residential proxy is ideal for this scenario, as it makes users indistinguishable from organic visitors.

The startup also claims that proxies are multi-functional, but they keep the user’s identity, location, and other personal information secured. That is why IPRoyal’s goal is to make sure that the users aren’t blocked or detected when they browse online. Additionally, IPRoyal now added another layer of security to its customer onboarding process through iDenfy, a company that provides remote identity verification and fraud prevention tools for businesses.

iDenfy specializes in helping companies meet identity verification requirements of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations without compromising on the user experience aspect. iDenfy will take care of the administrative part of the customer authentication process for IPRoyal, making sure that its end-to-end ID verification solution guarantees a smooth and secure onboarding experience. As per iDenfy, it takes four steps or less than a few minutes for the user to complete the whole verification process.

According to IPRoyal, iDenfy’s identity verification plugin powered by artificial intelligence and biometric authentication technology simplifies operational difficulties. The newly implemented automatic process helps IPRoyal detect fake identities and restrict suspicious customers from accessing its proxy services; this way, it safeguards the company and its data from fraud.

“In our field, ensuring a safe identity verification process for customers who have high expectations is very important. We’re happy to partner with iDenfy, a responsible company that helped us achieve this goal. Our team has noticed a change already, as the ID verification process is now more efficient and user-friendly, allowing us to convert more clients.” — said the CEO of IPRoyal Karolis Toleikis.

According to the CEO of iDenfy, Domantas Ciulde, “iDenfy’s happy to partner with IPRoayal. It’s essential to adapt and choose effective digital security measures to mitigate today’s challenging fraud risks, and identity verification is the go-to process that increases the confidence in any business.”