In light of AI-fueled misinformation, 80% of corporates keen on online audit of their brands

Reputation House, a US-based online reputation management company, revealed that 80% out of 461 visitors to their stand within two days of Seamless Saudi Arabia, representing their businesses, were concerned about the online reputation. They enquired about online audits of their brand and reputation of the leaders.

The significance of digital channels, notably search engines, in providing information has amplified the need for search engine optimization as a crucial aspect of reputation management. Nevertheless, the rise of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and comparable platforms could potentially disrupt this trend. It leads to urgently cross-checking the information available on the internet,’, said Mr. Nikita Prokhorov, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Reputation House

The visitors to the Reputation House stand were comprised of local SMEs and international blue-chip firms which participated in the event. “15 companies scheduled post-event meetings to explore long-term relations with us. Looking at the high interest of visitors to our stand is reflective of our previous research about the event before deciding to participate and leading us to open an office in Saudi Arabia.” Revealed Nikita.

Analysis of Live Trends

Reputation House displayed its ability of online analytics of trends by a real-time data dissection of the Seamless Saudi Arabia event – from August 2, 2023, to September 4, 2023. The live analysis stunned the audience and received a resounding applause.

The results showed on the live screen provided the geographical reach, sources of data and the countries the event was talked about.  The analytics showed it reached 96.43 million audiences in total, 26,704 engagements, and 3,547 mentions.

An analysis revealed that the key markets where the Seamless event was accessed are the USA (47%), Saudi Arabia (32%), India (8%), UAE (7%), and the UK (3%).

The real-time data was sourced from the social media (66%), mass media (20%), blogs (8%), forums (4%), messengers (1%), and reviews (1%).

What is Search Engine Reputation Management

SERM – Search Engine Reputation Management includes: regional and international data processing, search suggestions optimization, islands of content creation, creating social network community, creating channels and playlists on video hosting, starting discussion threads on online forums, publishing articles on news portals, cataloguing platform pages, contextual advertising, creating blog accounts, official website optimization, wiki pages.