Introducing RetailGPT, the digital platform radically redefining the future of retail

Leading retail technology company, Pathfinder, has unveiled RetailGPT, a revolutionary digital platform that acts as an extension of physical stores into the digital world powered by Gen AI.

RetailGPT is a smartphone-based app that allows retailers to harness the insights of customer data to optimize processes, customer experience and profitability; it offers shoppers a seamless platform for personalised shopping, integrating retailer rewards and offers, while adapting to individual user habits to tailor product suggestions.

“RetailGPT serves as a dynamic tool for the entire retail sector. The platform empowers retailers to achieve unprecedented levels of personalization and efficiency, ultimately driving their growth and success,” said Sadique Ahmed, CEO of Pathfinder Global.

“RetailGPT elevates retailers’ business potential through enhancing customer experiences with features like real-time personalized interaction and streamlined operations, all facilitated by conversational AI. It is our mission to support the retail community in navigating the complexities of today’s market dynamics with innovative solutions such as RetailGPT. We are committed to partnering with the retail industry to achieve a new standard of customer experience and operational excellence.”

Unveiled at Dubai’s leading Food Business Forum earlier this month, where Pathfinder was the Phygital Retail Commerce Partner, RetailGPT’s debut is heralded as a game-changer for the retail industry, including restaurants, grocery stores, and supermarkets.

RetailGPT: Bridging the physical and digital divide

“RetailGPT is designed to extend the physical premises of stores into the digital realm, enhancing customer engagement through its advanced AI-driven conversational capabilities,” added Ahmed. “The technology represents a pivotal moment for the entire retail industry. RetailGPT is set to redefine the shopping experience, offering unmatched personalization and efficiency.”

A tool for every retailer

RetailGPT promises to revolutionize the way businesses engage with customers. By providing a digital extension to physical stores, it enables businesses to reach customers in innovative new ways, driving sales and enhancing the shopping experience. Retailers can enjoy the benefits of increased footfall and conversions through personalised, AI-enhanced interactions.

“Retail is ready for its digital transformation,” said Ahmed. “We are excited to be leading the change with RetailGPT, a powerful and innovative new technology that provides effective solutions across the industry.”

About Pathfinder

Since launching in 2000, Pathfinder has been at the forefront of retail technology, continuously innovating to deliver solutions that enhance customer engagement and drive business success. With the launch of RetailGPT, Pathfinder reaffirms its commitment to pioneering the future of retail technology.