Investment Corporation of Dubai Pavilion at Expo 2020, a haven of serenity

Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) is participating in Expo 2020 Dubai with a memorable, welcoming and enriching experience designed and built by ALEC FITOUT and design partners Icaria Atelier and LMS.

Narrated over eight nodules interspersed with seating and relaxation areas made of all-natural materials, the pavilion is designed to give respite from the busy and crowded areas elsewhere around the Expo site.

At the ICD pavilion visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai will be taken on an exciting journey to explore some of ICD portfolio companies, namely Kerzner, DMCC, Emirates Global Aluminum, Dubal Holding, LINQ by ALEC, Emaratech and Dubai Global Connect.

On entering the pavilion, visitors will tour the world of ICD in an immersive yet relaxed experience around 1350 square meters that boast excellence, commitment, sustainability, integrity, and respect.

Douraid Zaghouani, Chief Operating Officer at Investment Corporation of Dubai said “Dubai is the first city in the Middle East to host the World Expo and we are thrilled to be participating and showcasing the best our emirate has to offer. This inevitably includes ICD and its subsidiaries that have become household names not only here at home but across the globe.” 

The Expo Dubai ICD experience is a spatial narration of the corporation’s story, told through a physical space effortlessly integrating natural elements with the clever technology.

On the outside, the ICD pavilion is a bamboo structure radiating light and movement, enticing visitors to enter through a curious audio-visual waterfall aperture screening the ICD corporate identity. Past the waterfall, visitors are engulfed by tall hedges and guided through the pavilion by whirling stems and stalks and winding grassy slopes.

The ICD experience can accommodate 189 visitors per journey, or 252 visitors per hour.

Investment Corporation of Dubai

Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) is the principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai. It was established in May 2006 by decree (11) of 2006 and mandated with the consolidation and management of the Government of Dubai’s portfolio of commercial companies and investments. ICD was also assigned the provision of strategic oversight to portfolio companies through the development and implementation of effective corporate governance policies, and sound investment strategies. ICD is focused on maximizing stakeholder value for the long-term benefit of the Emirate.

ICD’s portfolio comprises some of Dubai’s most recognized companies, and represents a cross-section of vital economic sectors that the Government of Dubai has deemed strategic for the continued development and growth of the Emirate. The sectors include financial services, transportation, energy and industry, real estate and construction, hospitality and leisure, retail, and other holdings. In addition, ICD has embarked on a disciplined and sustainable strategy of global investments, which are synergistic with its existing portfolio, to extend Dubai’s presence and expertise into international markets.