Italian SMEs talents present their innovative projects connected to Expo 2020 Dubai themes at the Italy Pavilion

9 Italian companies representative of the Italian creativity in various fields and all connected to the main theme of Expo  – Connecting minds, creating the future – and to its 3 sub-themes – Opportunity, Mobility, Sustainabiliy – presented their innovative projects and technologies at the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 yesterday. These companies were carefully selected by the Italian Trade Agency as part of the initiatives developed by the M.P.M.I. (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) Team.

M.P.M.I. is an Italian organization that organizes promotional and training initiatives aimed at supporting the exports of Italian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. It includes Italian public institutions as well as 12 business associations that are part of it: ABI – Italian Banking Association; Alliance of Italian Cooperatives (AGCI, Confcooperative, Legacoop); CIA – Italian Farmers; Coldiretti; CNA – National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises; Confagricoltura; CONFAPI – Italian Confederation of Small and Medium Private Industry; Confartigianato; Confcommercio – Businesses for Italy; Confesercenti; Confimi Industria; Confindustria – Small Industry.

The Italian economy is based on a large network of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, representing the majority of employment in the country. Among them, there are many highly innovative companies that, due to their small size and limited investment capacity, have not yet succeeded on international markets. 

Daniele Vaccarino, President MPMI Group, said: “Today we have given a clear picture of the production, engineering and cultural capacity and of the creativity of Italian small and medium sized enterprises. We have brought to the Italy Pavilion at Expo a part of the production system that is fundamental for the Italian economy. 

Our “mission” is to spread the culture of internationalization among small Italian companies, promoting their capabilities and competitiveness on foreign markets.”.

Giovani Bifulco, Senior Officer ITA, who moderated the Seminar said: “The company that were on stage today share an innovate spirit, a creative DNA and a drive toward digitalization. I am proud to see what Italian enterprenuers are capable of. Their unique abilities and flexibily will make them succeed in the international market.”

The event gave these 9 companies the opportunity to pitch their projects – some recently launched, other already well extablished in Italy – to an international audience and to pave the way for future business collaborations and partnerships. 

Biopap: a patented food packaging concept, resistant to extreme temperatures range, issued from renewable, non-food, biodegradable and compostable raw materials.    

Kaleidos: a non-profit organization based in Lombardy (north of Italy) and aimed to advance biomedical research in the field of genetic rare diseases and to improve the life quality of people suffering from psychiatric conditions. 

Luca Gnizio: an ecosocial artist who  recoverss and  transforms industrial waste in environmentally friendly and sustainable products that also carry a strong social and educational message. 

MDM Team: MDM Team is an official spin-off company of the University of Florence, founded in 2012 by a group of professors and researchers of the Department of Industrial Engineering, that developed and commercialized a maritime robot  – Zeno UV – that operates like an underwater drone. 

Todema: a company designing robotic and industrial automation systems 

Planet Farms: a company providing vertical faming solutions 

Politecnica: an Italian architecture and engineering comany specialized in sustainable buildings  

Torri Solare: a compnay producing fotovoltaic systems 

Wey Dolce E.R: Specialized in energy efficiency for healthcare