Kissflow is recognized among notable vendors in The Low-Code Development Platforms For Citizen Developers Landscape, Q4 2023

Kissflow, a leading player in the low-code application development market, has been recognized among notable vendors in Forrester’s report, The Low-Code Development Platforms for Citizen Developers Landscape, Q4 2023. Kissflow believes the recognition underscores its commitment to democratizing application development for enterprises in their digital transformation journey.

The Forrester report states, “Implementing citizen developer strategies continues to be the top category of low-code inquiry from Forrester clients.” The Landscape report provides an overview of 17 Low-code vendors on market focus, use cases, and size. Application development and delivery leaders can leverage this report to understand the value they can expect from low-code platforms for citizen developers.

Kissflow believes its recognition is due to its differentiated offering, which brings IT and citizen developers together in a single platform to transform enterprise operations. Kissflow’s platform offers user-friendly, accessible tools that enable individuals across various skill levels to contribute to the development process.

“Kissflow’s founding mission is to democratize application development for business users, and this was long before the word “citizen developer” was coined by the industry. We believe people closer to the problem are better equipped to solve the problem more elegantly, cost-effectively, and in less time; the power of simple.  This acknowledgment by Forrester reaffirms and validates our conviction to the cause we have been pursuing for decades,” said CEO, Suresh Sambandam

Additional Resources:

  • The full report is available on the Forrester website to active subscribers or for purchase.
  • Schedule a live demo of the Kissflow platform here.
  • Learn more about Kissflow for Citizen Development.

About Kissflow:

Kissflow provides a low-code work platform for enterprises to digitally transform business operations. Kissflow transforms operations by fostering citizen development with its easy-to-use interface for business users while enabling enterprise IT with a robust development & governance layer. Kissflow enables every enterprise user to build and manage apps, processes, tasks, analytics, integration, and collaboration in a unified platform.

Hundreds of global and Fortune 500 brands such as Pepsi, McDermott, Comcast, and Danone, rely on Kissflow to simplify their work. Kissflow has been featured and recognized as an industry leader by Gartner and G2. Founded in 2004, Kissflow is an industry pioneer in the low-code / no-code space with a globally distributed workforce. Learn more at