Korea smart manufacturing platform HubForward launches operations in Abu Dhabi

HubForward™, the Korea -based advanced manufacturing platform, launched its operations in Abu Dhabi in a bid to enhance professional collaboration between manufacturers and product owners in the industry. The company, led by a team of industry professionals from Korea, aims to achieve this by creating a streamlined network between different key industry stakeholders for easier and faster results.

HubForward™ is a global advanced manufacturing platform that offers access to a multi-range of production capacities and capabilities. The company is powered by proprietary technology and a highly qualified team that ensures the right match for product manufacturing at competitive costs and lead times while offering IP protection, controlled quality, visibility, and reliability.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to expand HubForward™ to Abu Dhabi to cater to the growing manufacturing industry in the Middle East, from the UAE as a hub. With our wealth of experience in the Korean manufacturing industrywe aim to boost localization and expand the manufacturing ecosystem in the UAE powered by tangible technology transfer”- Dr. Abdenour Haddou (Founder, CEO -HubForward™)

HubForward™ also facilitates intellectual property (IP) protection for its customers by offering access to a highly qualified marketplace of IP services partners, alongside with its manufacturing, logistics and project management servicesThis allows industrial and tech customers in Abu Dhabi and the region among industries like ship construction, oil & gas, medical devices and high tech, to access HubForward™ advanced network to realize their projects with better transparency and reliability.

HubForward™ had succeeded in creating a streamlined manufacturing process and network in Korea and sets to bring the same framework to Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole. The aim is to facilitate the growth of UAE’s circular economy through smart manufacturing processes and embedding local partners in production streams. This will also increase national R&D, IP assets, and forge a local manufacturing ecosystem formed by qualified SMEs and partners in order to cater the regional demand and boost the ever-growing IP driven economy in the UAE.

As manufacturers become fully connected to industrial customers and material vendors, innovation and manufacturing processes become clearer and more practical, enabling more work to get done and little to no downtime. These and more are what HubForward™ pledges to achieve in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

“We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to extend our highly experienced manufacturing capabilities and network in Korea to Abu Dhabi and the region.” – Mr. Park (Chief Manufacturing Officer -HubForward™)

HubForward™ has set up its UAE operations in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the forward-thinking and progressive regulator, and right near the doors of HUB71, the Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem that enables access to a network of partners, and a vibrant community of innovators, founders and highly skilled talents.