Launch of AIM Global Foundation announced at 8th World Investment Forum

The launch of the AIM Global Foundation was announced at the 8th World Investment Forum in Abu Dhabi, signalling a transformative moment in the global investment landscape.

The AIM Global Foundation, a ground-breaking independent international organization, is poised to elevate the world’s investment by amplifying effective promotion strategies and unlocking avenues for investment productivity and expansion. With a clear focus on the future, the foundation pledges to be a steadfast partner in forging a luminous investment trajectory and nurturing enduring foundations worldwide. The foundation’s primary targets are businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to transform their ideas into successful ventures, by addressing the intricate mesh of social, environmental, and economic challenges faced globally through the AIM Global Foundation.  

His Excellency Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, commented: “Launching the AIM Global Foundation champions purposeful global investment and robust collaboration. The UAE, driven by its values of economic progress and sustainability, takes immense pride in adopting such pivotal initiatives that have the ability to shape the global investment landscape, in alignment with the SDGs. As the foundation sets forth on this ambitious journey, its endeavours are likely to influence the contours of global investment, ensuring that the financial world is attuned to a larger positive impact.”

His Excellency Dawood Al Shezawi, President of AIM Global Foundation and AIM Congress, stated, “In an era where investment is not just a matter of capital, but a commitment to a brighter and sustainable tomorrow, the AIM Global Foundation stands as a testament to our collective vision. Under the grand canopy of the 8th World Investment Forum, we are embarking on a journey, envisioning a world where global investment is not just productive, but purpose-driven. The foundation is more than an initiative; it is our pledge to the global community, ensuring that each investment made is a step towards a prosperous and harmonious future for all. We look forward to witnessing and experiencing the prosperity in the investment landscape that AIM Global Foundation is sure to accomplish.”

The AIM Global Foundation’s mission is profoundly dedicated to fostering partnerships across diverse sectors, thereby driving positive socio-economic and environmental impacts. The foundation’s vision is of a global community that collaboratively and inclusively addresses challenges both globally and regionally. As part of its objectives, AIM Global Foundation will promote collaboration and ensure effective resource integration for impactful results on significant issues. Fostering a culture of creativity and innovation to tackle these challenges and generate positive change is key another key factor of the foundation’s principles. Strategically allocating investments that support positive social and environmental global impact marks the final objective.

Members will have access to invaluable information on startups development, an extensive network of experts they can collaborate with, a range of CSR services, an engaging social programme with fellow members, and long list of investors including sovereign wealth and private equity funds, family offices, and banks. With four membership categories designed to cater to the different needs of affiliates, the institutional, lead, corporate and individual membership plans will accommodate government institutions, investors, global companies, individuals, CSR-focused organizations, entrepreneurs and SMEs. Depending on their category, members will have access to AIM Global Foundation’s partners and their resources including lead, knowledge, research, advisory, FDI, foreign portfolio investment, startups, SMEs, future cities, digital economy and AIM Global Hub partners.

State-of-the-art facilities have been strategically designed to fulfil the foundation’s objectives. The Global Hub is an elite zone dedicated to handpicked organizations from diverse backgrounds. It is designed for professionals and sector-specific experts as a platform for networking, accessing resources, and engaging in pivotal discussions. Additionally, the AIM Global Offices are tactically positioned to promote international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge in the sphere of investment and global economic growth.

The foundation is kicking off with a host of initiatives, on the front of which is the AIM Congress that emerges as a leading platform known for showcasing cutting-edge information, strategies, and knowledge to enhance global investment trends, and the AIM Channel as an exclusive avenue that offers comprehensive coverage of global conferences and seminars. The benefits of participating in the AIM Congress are manifold, as participants have the chance to promote projects to a global audience and understand government regulations influencing investments through insights from industry experts.

As the global community looks forward to the tangible impacts of the AIM Global Foundation, the investment world is positioned for significant transformation, guided by collaborative efforts, sustainability, and forward-thinking strategies.