Launch of the Simply Human! Awards to recognize HR people making an impact on humans at work. Nominations are open.

When we think about change in organizations, it is about making a change that has a positive impact on people, sometimes it is a selfless action made by an individual who simply cares or is simply human.

But, more often than not, we forget to recognize the brave heroes who are making an impact on their teams & organizations. They don’t necessarily hold high ranking positions but are individual contributors. They exist at all levels of an organization and bring inspiring stories that are worthwhile showcasing – We want to bring those people to light! The ones making meaningful change, taking actions, and truly transforming the way we work.

Bessern has launched a platform to showcase these simply human stories and the people behind: the Simply Human! Awards.

We all want to have heroes that are recognized in a simple valuable way. The Simply Human! Awards nominations are directly made by people that were impacted by these human actions.

Nominations are open. You can nominate an HR person regardless of any level of seniority. We are seeking for people who did actions not just ideas – actions beyond the call of duty and had an impact on people. Nominations are in 3 categories:

  • Wellbeing: people who implemented action that improve the wellbeing of the organization
  • People’s Development: people who implemented programs, activities that supported personal and professional development that changed the lives of people for the better
  • Culture: people who are constantly striving to bring and implement solutions that allow employees to live and breathe the company’s values: making it tangible, relatable and with purpose

The Simply Human! Awards is about showcasing inspiration for all of us. We want to share their journeys so that together we can do better and more human workplaces.

We will be validating the nominations and communicating their stories on the 28th June 2022.

To learn more and nominate, please visit the website –