Leading US corporate programme heads to Dubai next week

After hugely successful presentations in the United States, the world-renowned Dr W Edwards Deming Business Process Management and Lean Thinking programme is coming to Dubai for the very first time.

From working capital improvement of a staggering 260 percent, operating profit increases between 50 and 200 percent and a reduction of 30 -52 percent in finance costs, the results promised by this tried and tested programme are tangible and long-term.

The Anaarinitiative will be presented by Nirdosh Reddy, a close associate of Dr Deming, the founder of TQM and BPM and is brought to the region by Dubai-based Ashraf & Kennedy Consultancy.

Mr. Reddy enjoys a formidable reputation in corporate management and has been a consultant for over 30 years across a variety of sectors. For many years he worked at the Ford company where he established his credentials through his close working relationship with Dr Deming himself.

Inspired by Dr Deming’s revolutionary 14 points of management, Reddy created the Anaar Process Improvement Roadmap. This BPM tool consists of interconnected modules that have been continually revised over the last two decades. Born in the roots of Detroit Manufacturing, it is designed to transform organizations by integrating customer focus, team work and continuous process improvement into the core philosophy of any business.

“Whether its Toyota, Ford Motor Company or Fedex, companies that embraced Dr Deming’s program not only remained competitive and stayed in business but to this day they outperform competitors. His teachings spawned everything from TQM to lean thinking and Six Sigma but more significantly they awakened in management a keener sense of responsibility to the people in their organizations,” said Mr Reddy.

“The Anaar initiative is based on the same simple but effective premise that any organisation can achieve and sustain excellence and profitability by customizing the implementation of fundamental universal guiding principles. By transforming work culture into a process-oriented mindset, we help businesses become more agile and globally competitive.”

An executive breakfast hosted by Mr Reddy will be held on March 7 at the Metropolitan Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. After the session through to March 9, Dr Reddy will hold 3-hour workshops for corporate groups of 20.

Ashraf Alzadjali of Ashraf & Kennedy said this was an exceptional opportunity to spend time in the company of Dr Reddy and get the maximum benefit of a system that is now globally recognized. “We believe any company that joins us for the executive breakfast, or the workshops will come away far wiser about the options it can exercise to become more streamlined and profitable.”