LPS wins social media management and creative content production services for Dubai Chambers

LPS, a leading UAE-based marketing communication agency, has been selected by Dubai Chambers following a bid to manage its social media presence and content production services across its four brand accounts: Dubai Chambers, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai International Chamber, and Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy.

LPS was assigned as Dubai Chambers’ communications partner considering the agency’s expertise in managing corporate strategic communications in the Middle East and its communities-first approach. LPS will work with Dubai Chambers to attain key goals, such as creating a modern, consistent social media image through unified visuals and messaging while streamlining the entity’s online presence by integrating diverse triggers, events, activations, and business groups across its three chambers.

LPS will leverage its communication prowess to support Dubai Chambers’ growth. By tailoring strategic communication to showcase the accomplishments and ambitions of Dubai Chambers, LPS will help strengthen the entity’s brand image and foster connections with businesses and stakeholders across the globe.

Aasim Shaik – Managing Director of LPS, said: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dubai Chambers, utilising our cutting-edge creative, social media, and new-age content and production capabilities to contribute to the growth and advancement of Dubai and its vibrant business community. As the entity’s dedicated communication partner, we are honoured to play an integral role in shaping its narrative and forging opinion leadership, positively impacting current and future businesses.”

LPS aims to elevate Dubai Chambers image and streamline its online presence by crafting compelling communications that reflect its recent developments and expansion. LPS will effectively convey the entity’s vision and values, contributing to the emirate’s growth as a global commerce and digital economy leader.

As part of its continued commitment to growth and innovation, LPS is soon expanding its operations to two new locations, Riyadh – KSA, and New Jersey – USA. These strategic expansions will further establish the agency’s global presence, enabling it to better serve its diverse clientele while tapping into new markets and opportunities.