Meet the Expo Live global innovators bringing their climate-related solutions to COP28

Nineteen social entrepreneurs from around the world have demonstrated the creativity and innovation to address the urgent issue of climate change and have been selected to share their transformative solutions with decision-makers from around the world at COP28, being held at Expo City Dubai later this month.

The Global Innovators – hailing from the Gulf, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean region – will participate in the Expo Live Climate Start-ups in Action series – open-to-the-public discussions that align with the climate summit’s theme days – taking place in COP28’s Green Zone at the Expo City Dubai Pavilion.

Expo Live, initiated under Expo 2020 Dubai and now part of Expo City Dubai, helps innovators from around the world develop and scale solutions that improve people’s lives or preserve the planet.

Yousuf Caires, Executive Director, Expo Live Innovation Programme, said: “We’re all responsible for ensuring the survival of our planet and, as the international community prepares to meet at a decisive moment for climate action, it is essential we adopt a collaborative approach that includes grassroots and community solutions.

“The 19 Expo Live Global Innovators selected to participate in Expo City Dubai’s COP28 programme represent a much wider pool of creative, innovative ideas from around the world – each with the potential to help secure a more sustainable future for everyone. We are proud to connect them with climate decision-makers, spurring collaborative action and creating opportunities for even greater impact.”

Details on the sessions and the selected Global Innovators are attached. For more information, including interview requests with the innovators and/or a spokesperson from the Expo Live Innovation programme, please contact


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