Microsoft launches Azure VMware Solution to empower organizations on their cloud implementation journey

Microsoft today unveiled Azure VMware Solution, a fully managed Microsoft service running on VMware validated Azure infrastructure, that empowers organizations to seamlessly extend or completely migrate their existing on-premises VMware applications to Microsoft Azure with minimal disruptions. The service is available through Microsoft’s hyperscale cloud data centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Launched during an exclusive Microsoft summit, held in partnership with Intel at the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai, Azure VMware Solution enables organizations to migrate and maintain their existing VMware skills and operational processes to Azure, without the added cost, effort, and risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations. In addition to enhancing an organization’s cloud efficiency, the service also allows IT teams to access and leverage a wide range of native Azure services and tools across Microsoft’s Security, Data, and Artificial Intelligence stacks.

Naim Yazbeck, General Manager of Microsoft UAE, said that in addition to supporting organizations as they undertake the process of transitioning to a cloud-first, modern workplace, Azure VMware Solution also empowers them to innovate at their own pace and deliver better solutions and services to their customers. “The current economic environment presents several challenges for organizations operating on outdated systems. By seamlessly migrating to the cloud with Azure VMware Solution, they are primed and ready to leverage the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies such as AI to drive innovation across the board. We are excited to provide this transformative service through our state-of-the-art data centers in the UAE and we look forward to working with organizations across industries as they accelerate their cloud implementation efforts.”

During the summit, Microsoft and Intel experts demonstrated how organizations of all sizes can migrate their workloads to the cloud with full confidence and peace of mind with the VMware Rapid Migration Plan, which provides a comprehensive set of licensing benefits and price protection, particularly for Windows and SQL Server users. Similarly, they also highlighted how customers can achieve significant cost savings, while modernizing and maintain a flexible hybrid environment with Azure Hybrid Benefit. The solutions come as part of Microsoft’s commitment to empowering organizations across the region to reap the full benefits of Microsoft’s trusted cloud and accelerate their innovation and digital transformation journey.

Taha Khalifa, General Manager at Intel ME said that organizations today often struggle with migrating their legacy infrastructure to the cloud. “They recognize the many benefits of migrating to a full cloud setup such as improved scalability, security, and reliability, but are hesitant to take that leap due to fear of lengthy periods of downtime affecting their business operations and the associated costs impacting their bottom line. Azure VMware Solution is designed to help them take that leap and transition to an environment that helps them maximize their business impact.”