modDsys to Present Groundbreaking Modular Construction Solutions at the Arab Housing & Community Development Forum

modDsys, a leading modular building solution, is excited to announce its participation in the 11th Arab Housing & Community Development Forum, scheduled to be held on the 11th and 12th of September 2023 in AUH, UAE. This prestigious event brings together industry professionals, government officials, and stakeholders in the housing and community development sector.

modDsys is renowned for its expertise in modular building, offering innovative solutions that revolutionize the traditional building process. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and speed, the company aims to reshape the landscape of housing and community development.

The Arab Housing & Community Development Forum serves as a prominent platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. By participating in this event, modDsys aims to contribute its insights and showcase the benefits of modular construction in creating affordable, high-quality housing solutions and resilient communities.

During the forum, modDsys will actively engage in workshops, and presentations, highlighting the advantages of modular construction technologies. These include accelerated project timelines, reduced construction waste, enhanced energy efficiency, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving needs. By embracing off-site construction methods, modDsys aims to address the pressing challenges faced by the housing and community development sector.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Arab Housing & Community Development Forum,” said Joshua  Coetzee, Managing Director at modDsys. “This event provides a unique platform to demonstrate how modular building solution can positively impact the housing industry, offering sustainable, affordable, and resilient housing solutions. We look forward to sharing our expertise, collaborating with industry peers, and fostering partnerships that drive innovation in the sector.”

modDsys invites all attendees, media representatives, and interested individuals to visit their exhibition booth during the forum. The company’s representatives will be available to provide detailed insights into their modular building solutions, showcase successful case studies, and explore potential collaborations.