Neo Noor launches in the Middle East

Neo Noor, a next-level executive coaching company that provides bespoke one-to-one group, and corporate sessions for high-flyers has launched its range of services in the UAE. Founded by life coach and Master NLP certified trainer, Noona Nafousi, the company’s mission is to help busy executives reignite their passion, reconnect with themselves and reclaim who they are meant to be.

Neo Noor’s aim is to revolutionise corporate training to help employees step into their power by using a unique ‘POWER Framework’ that Noona has personally developed after 22 years spent working as a headhunter, studying human behaviour alongside her life coaching and Master NLP training. Designed to help companies to allow their employees to build themselves up in a way that a teaching strategy will not, the POWER Framework offers proven results that Noona has witnessed first-hand time and time again with the numerous clients she works with. By allowing her clients to tap into their Personal Power, they can overcome any fear of failure, increase their self-worth, work on their ego and energy – as well as take radical responsibility for their actions, growth and communication. By implementing this POWER Framework, leaders are also taught how to lead themselves when times are tough and are taught to be inspirational so that they can inspire themselves. 

The sessions available with Neo Noor are designed to help executives achieve their full potential by providing them with the tools, resources and support they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. The team of experienced coaches work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and tailor coaching sessions to suit their personal requirements.

Whether it’s one-to-one coaching, group workshops or corporate training programmes, Neo Noor’s tried and tested sessions are designed to help executives develop new skills, build resilience and become more confident and empowered in their personal and professional lives. By enhancing their leadership skills, clients are also able to develop effective communication techniques, build stronger relationships with their colleagues and clients, as well as manage stress, improve work-life balance and increase their overall sense of wellbeing.

Neo Noor’s Executive Coaching is designed for Director level and C-Suite professionals who have already achieved great things professionally but are at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take. The Corporate Workshops on offer are the perfect options for businesses who want to transform their team’s efficiency, motivation and happiness and the one-to-one coaching sessions are designed for those who are ready to take radical responsibility for their emotions and behaviours to achieve the life they deserve.

Speaking on the launch, Noona Nafousi says, “I am incredibly proud and excited to launch Neo Noor in the region and be able to help high achievers to advance their career without losing themselves along the way. After working as a headhunter for twenty-two years, alongside over 12,000 hours of one-to-one interviews, I have an innate understanding of human behaviour. I’m truly obsessed with how we can all become the best versions of ourselves. Working closely with those who want to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals brings myself and the team huge joy and we look forward to bringing our results-driven method to the GCC region”.

For more information about Neo Noor and its coaching services, please visit In addition, stay updated via Noona’s social media channel @noonanafousi.