Network In Action and Franchise India Knowledge Services Forge a Transformative Joint Venture to Revolutionize Business Networking in GCC

In an unprecedented move that promises to reshape the landscape of business networking in GCC Network In Action (NIA) Franchise International has entered into a significant joint venture with Franchise India Knowledge Services. This groundbreaking partnership will bring NIA’s innovative business networking model, embellished by cutting-edge technology and proven expertise, into one of the world’s most dynamic and burgeoning markets.

Scott Talley, Founder of NIA, articulated the motive and excitement behind the alliance: “It is long past time for business owners and decision makers to have a professional place to build relationships to grow their business. There have been no real changes in the way networking has been done in the last 40 years. With NIA’s state-of-the-art technology that business owners have been enjoying in the United States since 2014, there is now an efficient way for business owners in India to grow their businesses enjoying not only the technology but professional leaders at every monthly meeting. We are looking forward to seeing the results that Mr. Gaurav Marya and his team will bring to NIA but more importantly to the deserving businesses in GCC.”

Mr Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franglobal International & Franchise India group also expressed his excitement to announce the partnership with NIA for expansion in GCC. This transformative program serves as a compass, guiding entrepreneurs through the complexities of business growth. With a focus on education, referrals, and peer-to-peer support, coupled with strong tech NIA empowers entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, stay on track, and achieve their goals

The entrance of NIA into GCC, facilitated through its collaboration with Franchise knowledge Services India, is slated to introduce a novel, efficient, and highly professional alternative to traditional networking in the region. NIA’s model, which leverages state-of-the-art technology and robust leadership at each of its monthly gatherings, has already demonstrated immense success in the United States since its inception in 2014, empowering businesses with transformative networking opportunities.

Franchise India Knowledge Services, with its established prowess in nurturing franchises to their pinnacle, has previously orchestrated the unparalleled success of knowledge brands like Action Coach, Engage & grow & many others in the GCC market. Their intricate understanding of the local market, coupled with their proven strategizing capabilities, offers a fertile ground for NIA to sow its seeds of innovative business networking.

The joint venture presents an exhilarating prospect for businesses in India, offering them access to NIA’s professional, technology-driven, and leadership-enhanced networking model, which has already proven its worth in the U.S. This initiative is not merely a business expansion; it is a commitment from both entities to catalyze growth and elevate the quality and efficiency of business networking in India to new horizons.

Businesses across India will soon experience a paradigm shift in the way they network, interact, and grow, thanks to this collaborative endeavor. NIA, with its proven model, and Franchise India, with its matchless expertise in franchise growth, are embarking on a journey to redefine networking in India, promising businesses a future where they can forge connections that are not only invaluable but also facilitate substantive and sustainable growth.


About Network In Action (NIA)

NIA, founded by Scott Talley, has revolutionized business networking with its unique model that combines technology and monthly face-to-face meetings under professional leadership. Since its inception in 2014, NIA has been championing efficient and impactful business growth through professional networking across the United States.

About Franchise India Knowledge Services

Franchise India has been a pivotal force in achieving remarkable success for numerous brands in the GCC & Indian market, offering a comprehensive suite of knowledge services that empower franchises to reach their zenith in the intensely competitive and diverse market of India.